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In this week’s Members’ Corner we shine our “Staff Spotlight” on Umar Sheikh from the wonderful land of Goa – Get to know the welcoming face behind the scenes, dedicated to ensuring your experiences are nothing short of extraordinary.

Plus, we’re unveiling February’s new Hot Deals tailored just for you at incredible destinations across the Karmaverse – But act quickly, you’ve only got until 29th February to book!

Staff Spotlight: Goa

In this edition of Staff Spotlight, we are thrilled to introduce the exceptional Umar Shaikh…

Umar, a valuable member of our dynamic Sales Department in the vibrant state of Goa, has consistently been nominated for a myriad of remarkable in-house awards throughout the years, and has even spent time working aboard Karma Karnak!

Being from Goa, a place known for its vibrant culture, how has your hometown influenced your work in the luxury travel industry?

Growing up in Goa, a place known for its diverse culture, music, and fashion, has made me passionate about creating unique travel experiences. I like to mix luxury with local flavours, just like Goan music blends different genres. My goal is to design luxurious and trendy itineraries, that reflect each destination’s spirit. This cultural mix isn’t just where I come from, it’s how I create special travel experiences for my clients!

You’ve won and been nominated for many in-house awards during your career at Karma Group, can you share a quote that inspires your brilliant work ethic?

One thing I have institutionalised within me is the punctuality factor – “Respect your time and others’ time.”

What’s a hidden talent or hobby that we might be surprised to learn about you?

Many would be surprised to know that I used to be a professional DJ! Although it is more of an open secret, my musical journey has run parallel with my journey at Karma Group. My passion for music definitely influences how I curate travel experiences, as I always strive to incorporate local music and create engaging atmospheres for my clients.

After spending some time with the Karma Group team in Egypt, what are your highlights from this experience away from home?

Learning about the fascinating Egyptian history sparked a genuine interest in ancient history I never expected. Now, I’m eager to explore the parallels between these ancient civilizations and dive deeper into India’s own incredible past. I’m even planning to visit some historical sites in India soon!

If you could have dinner with any historical figure or celebrity, who would it be and why?

It would be Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Despite his monumental achievements and leadership, I’m fascinated by how he never lost his childlike curiosity and playful spirit. I would love to ask him about his experiences leading India to independence, and how he balanced the weight of responsibility with maintaining a sense of joy.

What’s the best part of being part of the Sales team in India?

The best part of being part of the Sales team in India is the incredible mix of competition and camaraderie. We push each other to excel, sharing our knowledge and experiences to ensure everyone succeeds. The sense of accomplishment from closing deals and contributing to the team’s success can be personally fulfilling, and the diverse range of challenges keeps the role dynamic and engaging.

Can you share a funny or memorable travel adventure?

Once I was in Shimla having my tea at an Indian tea house when a group of excited girls in their 30s approached me, convinced I was none other than MTV host Raghu! Initially surprised, I decided to play along, so with a smile, I posed for pictures with each of them, silently wondering if they’d notice any difference. Finally, when it came to the last girl, I jokingly confessed, “Actually, I’m not Raghu!” But she simply laughed and replied, “No worries, the pictures are still going on social media!” 
Who knows, maybe someday I’ll even bump into Raghu himself and share this story!

Interesting, you started your role at Karma Group in the marketing department, what inspired you to move into sales?

Taking the leap into the marketing department at Karma Group felt like sneaking into the backstage party of the travel world. But then, I thought, why just hang out at the party when you can be the DJ? So, I flipped my role to sales, bringing the marketing groove with me. Now, I’m not just creating buzz; I’m selling tickets to the Karma Experience – it’s like turning up the volume on a good vocal, you want everyone to hear it!

February Hot Deals

February has arrived, bringing with it popular holidays such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Groundhog Day, and World Book Day – Keep your eyes peeled for special experiences around our properties and online during these exciting dates!

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