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First up this week, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on one of our exceptional team members, Shivani Yeshwant, who heads our social media and marketing efforts with unmatched creativity and dedication. But that’s not all – as we step into May, we’re excited to unveil a fresh array of travel offers, including the latest Hot Deals tailored to inspire your wanderlust!

Staff Spotlight: Meet Shivani Yeshwant

In this edition of Staff Spotlight, we say hello to the wonderful Shivani Yeshwant. Shivani is one of the creative minds behind Karma Group’s captivating social media presence, based in Bangalore at one of our India HQs! Let’s get to know her…

What inspired you to pursue a career in social media marketing, particularly in the travel industry?

I believe social media is a form of self-expression, a very impactful one at that! And the idea of humanising brands and helping them express themselves is what drew me to the field.
It’s also very interesting to draw insights from human behaviours online that affect businesses, it’s a mix of art and science coming together – I think all of this attracted the 20 year old me.

Can you share a memorable campaign/project you’ve worked on for Karma Group that has been one of your favourites?

I can’t, that’s like asking someone to pick their favourite child haha! I really enjoyed building the Indian Members’ community on social channels. We receive some of the loveliest messages from this community particularly on our social media pages! 
We recently did the Tour de Karma campaign as well, it was really heartening to see our Members participate with such enthusiasm and so many different teams come together to be a part of the journey for such a noble cause.

When you’re not working your magic at the Bangalore office, what do you like to do in your free time?

I love spending time with my cats! I also practise yoga regularly – that centres me. I have finally gotten out of my reading slump – so if you have any book recommendations – I am listening! I also really enjoy painting.

What’s your favourite way to explore a new city?

I am a planner – so I do my research and I have my lists and my Excel sheets all ready before I reach a new city! I love trying the local cuisines – so that’s something that I definitely do.
My itinerary is a mix of the local favourite spots and underrated spots! I also try to talk and meet locals as much as possible – some of the best recommendations come from them!

How do you stay updated with the latest social media trends and technologies to keep Karma Group ahead in the digital landscape?

I think one important aspect of this is to be very mindful of the content I am consuming and the people I am following. It’s also very important to understand the vision of the brand, and what our Members and audiences want – and then work towards that!

Describe your dream vacation in three words…

Relaxing, (culturally) immersive, and ‘closer-to-nature’

If you could have a cup of chai with any famous/historical person, who would it be and why?

One would be Rukhmabai Raut – one of the first practising female doctors in India. I was recently reading ‘Lady Doctors’ by Kavitha Rao. These were the women who walked so that we could run and Rukhmabai Raut’s journey has stood out for me.

May Member Offers

Each month Karma Concierge brings you the finest travel offers across the impressive Karma Group portfolio and beyond. We love to sprinkle Karma magic wherever we venture, and this May is exceptionally enchanting with unbeatable deals exclusively for you—our esteemed Karma Group Members!

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