Shazam : National Comic Book Day Quiz!

There aren’t many of us who haven’t spent some of our childhood engrossed in the magical realm of comic adventures and superheroes! September 25th is ‘National Comic Book Day’ – comics began as humorous storytelling and have since transpired to be most entertaining action-packed feature films.

Enter this fun quiz and you could win one of three USD 100 vouchers! Winners will be announced on 05th October across all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels.


First prototype comic book released
It was called The Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck


First modern comic book released
It was called Famous Funnies


Superman invented
It ushered in the Golden Age of comic books


Marvel creates some of its major superheroes
Among them are the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man

Late 1960s

Underground comix developed
They reflected youth and drug counterculture


    1. Which is the best selling comic book of all time?

    2. Who was the first superhero in comic books to wear a costume?

    3. When was the first modern comic book published?

    4. What was the name of the first Green Lantern?

    5. In which year was the 'Green Lantern' first published?

    6. When was the first 'Captain America' comic published?

    7. On the cover of the first comic book, who was Captain America punching?

    8. According to the Marvel Universe timeline, which was the first superteam to be joined by Captain America?

    9. Who was the sidekick of Captain America in 1980s?

    10. When was the first comic book of 'Spider Man' released?

    11. In the year 1963, which Marvel comic did characters assemble to form a superteam with a comic description of 'Earth's Mightiest Heroes'?

    12. In which year was the first 'Iron Man' comic printed?

    13. The first comic book of 'X-Men' was published in which year?

    14. In which year did Green Goblin make his first appearance?

    15. The character of Batman made his first appearance in which comic?

    16. In which comic did Wonder Woman made her first appearance?

    17. In which year did Wonder Woman make her first appearance?

    18. When was the first comic of Flash released?

    19. In which year did Batman make his first appearance in comics?

    20. What is the real name of Green Goblin?

    21. Edwin Jarvis was the butler of which superhero?

    22. Who was the twin sister of QuickSilver?

    23. Where in Greenwich village did Doctor Strange reside?

    24. What is the name of the alter ego of Superman?

    25. What is the real name of Captain America?

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