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Shaken not Stirred

Are you a James Bond aficionado? Test your 007 knowledge and you can win one of 3 USD Amazon Gift Vouchers. The lucky winners will be shortlisted from the first 300 entries and announced on July 27th on all our Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. What was the name of the first Bond film?

    2. Who was the first actor to play “M”?

    3. Which was the first Bond film to star Pierce Brosnan?

    4. What is the title of the 23rd James Bond film?

    5. How is Major Boothroyd better known?

    6. Which Bond film is set primarily in Japan?

    7. SPECTRE stands for Special Executive For Counter-Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and... what?

    8. What is the English name of Elliot Carverʼs newspaper in TOMORROW NEVER DIES?

    9. Which film featured Londonʼs Millennium Dome?

    10. Name the film in which Maud Adams played the title role?

    11. What is the codename of Goldfingerʼs plan to rob Fort Knox?

    12. What does the “00” signify in 007?

    13. What is Moonraker?

    14. What was the first film in which we saw James Bond on skis?

    15. Who sang the title theme for DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER?

    16. What famous landmark does Grace Jones jump from in A VIEW TO A KILL?

    17. Which villain had a manservant called Nick Nack?

    18. How many times did Timothy Dalton play James Bond?

    19. Alongside Bernard Lee and Dame Judi Dench, who else has played “M”?

    20. In which film do we hear the phrase “The world is not enough”?

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    1. If you want to check your answers to our 007 Quiz please see below:

      1.DR. NO
      2.Bernard Lee
      6.You Only Live Twice
      9.The World Is Not Enough
      11.Operation Grand Slam
      12.A licence to Kill
      13.A Space Shuttle
      14.Live and Let die
      15.Shirley Bassey
      16.Eiffel Tower
      17.Francisco Scaramanga, THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN
      18.Twice / 2
      19.Ralph Fiennes
      20.On her majesty‘s secret service

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