Rotto Puzzle Competition

This weeks’ theme is about Rottnest Island – and we’re giving away 2 x USD 100 Amazon Gift Vouchers.  The lucky winners will be announced 13 July on all Karma Group & Karma Concierge social channels.

In order to qualify to win – Please Click on – SAVE AS IMAGE button and email the answers with your name  + membership number to


  1. I could not save the puzzles, so sending you screen shot of my trail on cross word. Could not know about trans port mode, I will wait for result.

      1. Yes the crossword letters are showing incorrect as do the letters down the bottom. They show as ROOTT. The numbered letters for the answer 1 – 5 in the crossword you need to enter them yourself and then check solution.

  2. It would not save the entire page when selecting save as image. It would only save the crossword not the full page with the letters on the bottom and the answer. I have emailed through a screenshot of the crossword. I await the results. Thank you.

  3. Yes agree with all comments. Favourite beach I thought would have been The Basin. Bicycle or walking for transport. We live near Fremantle so close to Rotto. The questions have changed and moved too.

    1. Basin…there is a popular beach at Rotto. Called The Basin. Its got reef all the way around. Very popular safe beach for kids.

  4. Thanks for the change Glad I came back The last crosswords was very entertaining though The kids and I spent hours searching for 8 letter words for transportation type that had a P in the middle

  5. I managed to get all the answers and clicked “Save as Image” but it does not seem to be saved anywhere. I tried printing it out but it gave me a blank copy. HELP

  6. There still seem to be some technical issues with the puzzle, so have Emailed a photo of the crossword and correct solution.

  7. Spent a good time solving the puzzle yesterday. just re-checked and to my pleasant surprise found the issue resolved. Thanks, Karma for making corrections. Solved, saved, and sent pronto! 🙂

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