Pirate Quiz : 3 Amazing Prizes

Calling all pirates – in this week’s edition, we are giving away not one, not two but three awesome prizes, including a 2-night stay at Karma Kandara, Bali and 2 x Amazon USD 100 gift vouchers.

    1. What is the little-known other name of 'The Pirates of Penzance'?

    2. Which writer created the fictional character Long John Silver?

    3. What was the real name of the pirate known as Blackbeard?

    4. Which group of pirates took their name from dried meat?

    5. Which pirate was knighted by King Charles II in 1674?

    6. Which pirate helped Jackson defend New Orleans in 1815?

    7. Which Roman leader was captured by pirates as a young man, paid more than the ransom they demanded, then came back and crucified most of them?

    8. Ogden Nash wrote a poem in which a dragon ate a pirate. What was the dragon's name?

    9. Long John Silver was based on a real-life editor and poet. What was his name?

    10. What made Calico Jack's crew unlike most other pirate crews?

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      1. I was to travel to Bali unfortunately due to covid 19 i wasnt sble to. I promise after the pandemic i am coming. Cant wait to see the airspace open.

      1. Would love a stay at this beautiful resort , we had the pleasure of attending a BBQ there on our holiday this time last year.

    1. Our first trip was lost due to closure and it was out trip that we won. Looking forward to when we can next try again.

    2. Would absolutely love to go to Karma Kandara and bring my family who desperately need a relaxing holiday. Good luck Karma Odyssey crew, hope it’s the start of real life for you all again.

    3. Love this quiz. Going back many years Henry Morgan is a grandfather. Looking forward to resuming holidays.

    4. Thanks Karma for keeping us engaged, entertained and informed. We love your weekly inputs with lots of informative attachments.

      1. Our pleasure Mr. Sharma and we look forward to your continued support, time and positive feedback which motivates us to do better at all times. Cheers. #KarmaCommunity

    5. Thanks for arranging this quiz. not only the adults but even the kids enjoy the same..looking for the holiday desperately..specially the one in Bali.

    6. Thanks Karma for our memorable trips and stays in Karma properties of St. Martin, Bavaria, Bali, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Goa, Kerala, Jaipur, Shimla.
      Missed the booked trips to Greece and Jim Corbet due to virus outbreak.
      Looking forward for many many future trips with Karma.

      1. That’s wonderful Mr. Bagchi, thank you for your continued patronage and hopefully, we will all be back exploring the world very soon! In the meantime don’t forget to share your favourite #KarmaMoments with us on our social media profiles and keep in touch. You can also share pics if you have on the Karma Group or Karma Odyssey Facebook / Instagram channels and tag #KarmaCommunity. Cheers.

    7. Shiver me timbers…you rascals, lets get me boat on that beach.
      Ahoy there….let go forward—let go aft and give way together…”Karma Times” beckon…give me my daily ration of rum and Karma FUN!!

    8. Looking forward to our 2 weeks booked holiday in September to Bali. Hopefully everything will be back to normal Fingers crossed’
      Fingers crossed

    9. We were disappointed as we missed out on our long awaited Easter holidays to Spain this year due to Covid-19 but we don’t what’s ahead us it’s all in God’s hands . Now looking forward to winning this trip to Bali. Thanks to Karma & all the lovely staff.

      1. Oh that’s sad you missed your holidays this Easter Mr. Goes but hopefully, you will globetrotting soon with Karma Group – We wish you all the best with the competition. Cheers #KarmaCommunity

    10. Looking forward to travelling to Karma resorts again once COVID 19 has been sorted, all of the resorts we have visited were fantastic.
      The resorts and the staff were welcoming and friendly.

    11. We had to cancel our son’s wedding in Bali because of the pandemic but are hoping to re-arrange in 2021

    12. Thanks Karma for the Quiz. Really enjoyed.
      We had memorable stays at Goa, Jaipur, Bali. Lovely memories. Looking forward to having many more stays at various Karma resorts.

      1. WOW!! That was a lovely feedback Mrs John .All the best for the Quiz! We would be extremely happy if you could share your favourite #KarmaMoments with us on our social media profiles or share pics if you have on the Karma Group or Karma Odyssey Facebook / Instagram channels and tag #KarmaCommunity. We look forward to seeing at the Karma Group resorts soon .Cheers.

    13. It was not possible to add my member nr but hope that its OK anyway. Would just love to go back to visist you!

    14. Got married and stayed at Karma St Martin’s twice my favourite place in the world except Bali where we hope to return too next March

    15. A huge congratulations to Mr. Sofian Baharuddin for winning a 2-Night stay at Karma Kandara and to Mr. Scott Terlich & Nikita Kaushal for each winning a US$100 Amazon voucher!
      If you want to check your answers please see below:

      1.The Slave of Duty
      2.Robert Louis Stevenson
      3.Edward Teach
      5.Henry Morgan
      6.Jean Lafitte
      7.Julius Caesar
      9.W. E. Henley
      10.It included women

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