Olympic Trivia : Win 2 x Amazon Gift Vouchers!

Enter our weekly quiz commemorating the first Olympics Games held in Latin America this week back in 1968. Test your Olympic knowledge and you could win one of 2 x USD 100 Amazon Gift Vouchers. The two lucky winners will be announced on October 26th across all of the Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels.


    1. The inception of the Olympics was from which country?

    2. The five nations which have participated in the Olympic games from its inception?

    3. What was the inspiration for the sports pictograms which were used in the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics?

    4. Name the country which always leads the parade of athletes at the Olympic opening ceremony?

    5. The five interlaced rings in the Olympic symbol represent?

    6. What does the Olympic motto ‘hendiatris Citius, Altius, Fortius’ means?

    7. The first Olympic Games to feature female athletes was the _____ Games in Paris?

    8. First-ever Winter Olympics was conducted on the year

    9. The colours of the five interlaced rings in the Olympics flag are?

    10. The inaugural opening ceremony started from which Olympics?

    11. In 1996, who became the first person to compete in nine Olympics?

    12. Name the Olympic Games in which South Korea and North Korea came together under one flag?

    13. Who is the athlete who was banned for life from the Olympics in 2004?

    14. The telecasting of games through television started from which Olympics?

    15. The journey of Olympic Torch through five continents started in what year and which country?

    16. In the 1980 Moscow Olympics one country boycotted the games with the order of its President. Which was that country?

    17. What caused the cancellation of the Olympic Games in 1940 and 1944?

    18. At the 2008 Olympics, a 9 year old girl was noticed by the whole world while she appeared on stage, lip-synching to the Chinese national anthem. What is her name?

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      1. I echo Cornelis’ comment. International, state and even metropolitan boarders (Melbourne) are closed in Australia – a decreased annual fee would reflect the current climate.

    1. I have the same question as some of the members mentioned here. Will the annual fee be decreased as we haven’t had an opportunity to use the membership this year?

    2. This quiz took us to sites where we gained so much knowledge about sports personalities whose names we won’t forget! We appreciate the humour and information!

    3. Thank you to everyone that entered! A huge congratulations to Roberta Matai and Sydney Ignatius De Silveira for each winning a US$100 Amazon voucher!

      Check your answers below:

      2.Greece, Australia, France, Great Britain, and Switzerland
      3.Ancient Norwegian Rock Carvings
      5.The five continents of the world
      6.Swifter, Higher, Stronger
      9.Red, Black, Breen, Blue and Yellow
      10.III, London
      11.Hubert Raudaschl
      12.Sydney 2000
      13.Dwain Chambers
      14.Berlin 1936
      15.Athens 2004
      16.United States
      17.World War II
      18.Lin Miaoke

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