Numbers Up!

We’re taking you back to school this edition with some fiendish maths problems (well, to me at least – to you they may be a breeze!) Dust off your arithmetic and geometry skills and try your hand at the Riemann Hypothesis. Just kidding with that last one – it’s considered the most difficult maths problem there is and there’s a USD one million prize for solving it. What we can promise is  USD100 vouchers to three lucky winners who manage to answer all 15 questions below correctly! Winners to be announced on Karma Group and Karma Concierge Channels on 19 December.


    1. A farmer has 12 chickens and 8 cows. How many legs in total are on his farm?

    2. A rectangular garden has a length of 6 metres and a width of 4 metres. What is the perimeter of the garden?

    3. A train travels 120 kilometres in 2 hours. What is the train's speed?

    4. A group of 4 friends is sharing a pizza with 8 equal slices. How many slices of pizza does each person get?

    5. A store is selling apples for $2.25 each. If you buy 5 apples, how much will you pay?

    6. What's the longest side of a right-angle triangle called?

    7. How many minutes are in two days?

    8. If you and your best friend are sharing a cake, and she says she wants four eighths of it, how much do you have?

    9. If the time is 12am, how many hours is it until 6pm?

    10. Four pupils take a test. One pupil scores 20 marks, the second scores 50 marks, the third scores 60 marks and the fourth scores 70 marks. What is the average score of the pupils?

    11. 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8 are all prime numbers.

    12. If I have a bag of 5 yellow balls and 5 green balls, what is the probability (in %) of picking a yellow ball?

    13. How many sides does a tetradecagon have?

    14. A baker is making a batch of cookies that requires 3/4 cup of flour per cookie. If the baker wants to make 12 cookies, how much flour does he need?

    15. If the date is 04 December 2023, how many days (inclusive) is it until 25 April 2024?

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    1. Great fun! The correct answer to the first question is 56. This does not appear among the choices , so I selected the 58, which is the closest to it.

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