National Video Game Day : Win a Nintendo Switch!

Did you know that the very first video game ever invented involved a simple table tennis? Today, there are over five million games in existence globally! From high-speed racing adventures to perilous virtual duelling matches, there’s a genre for everyone to enjoy. This year, we’ve decided to celebrate National Video Game Day that falls on July 8th – enter this quiz and one lucky winner will take home a Nintendo Switch. It’s game on!  

The winner will be announced on 20 July across all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels. Have fun!


    1. What was the first commercially successful video game?

    2. What is the name of the final course of all 'Mario Kart' video games?

    3. What is the best selling videogame of all time?

    4. What is the highest-selling gaming console to date?

    5. Blizzard Entertainment is most well known for what video game franchise?

    6. What product did Nintendo first release before taking on the world of video games?

    7. The United States Air Force used what gaming console to create a cluster supercomputer?

    8. What food was the character Pac Man modeled after?

    9. In the original arcade version of Donkey Kong, what was the name of the character that would later be known as Mario?

    10. What is the best-selling handheld gaming system to date?

    11. What was the first video game character to have a balloon featured in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

    12. What is the most expensive video game made to date?

    13. What year was the first virtual reality headset created?

    14. What is the name of the science fiction writer from the 1930s that predicted virtual reality?

    15. Who released the first flight simulator game?

    16. What popular dining franchise is the founder of Atari also responsible for?

    17. What position did the creator of the Game Boy have at Nintendo?

    18. In 2012, students at MIT hacked the lighting system of an entire building to play which game?

    19. Which character in the "Street Fighter" series was inspired by martial-arts legend Bruce Lee?

    20. What is the most-played video game of all time?

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    Sorry, the quiz already end.


      1. Hi Mukul! If you are referring to the results of this quiz, they will be published on July 20, 2021 across all Karma Group and Karma Odyssey social media channels. Stay tuned!

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