National Jazz Appreciation Week Quiz

It’s one of the most seminal, long standing, sophisticated musical genres in the world – which is why Jazz gets a whole week instead of  just a day’s appreciation! From dinner jazz to scat, fusion to big band, jazz funk to ragtime – test your knowledge of a genre that Nina Simone described as ‘a way of life…’

Three winners will be announced on the 03 of May and will receive US$100 gift voucher


    1. Which country did Jazz music and dance originate from?

    2. Which era was considered the height of Jazz?

    3. Of the following instruments, which is not a typical Jazz instrument?

    4. Which U.S writer is credited with popularising and epitomising the Jazz Age with his well-known novel “The Great Gatsby”?

    5. In which city did Jazz first become popular?

    6. Which animal is commonly referred to in Jazz?

    7. Which of the following is the most important aspect of Jazz?

    8. Which of the following people is a great jazz singer and trumpeter?

    9. True or False - Jazz performances are full of secret hand signals among the band?

    10. Jazz music has lots of slang words, what does it mean if someone is called a ‘Rusty Gate’?

    11. What kind of boat is Jazz music most commonly played on?

    12. Which of these 4 dances is NOT a Jazz style dance?

    13. Jazz music has lots of slang words, what do you think the term ‘Lid’ means?

    14. In the 1940s, a more complex instrumental-based version of Jazz came about - What was its name?

    15. What type of female dance/performance derived from the Jazz scene?

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