National I Love Horses Day Quiz

Did you know there are over 200 breeds of these magnificent and spirited creatures? This week’s quiz is themed around ‘National I Love Horses Day’ that falls on July 15th. Test your knowledge about these beautiful animals – three lucky readers will win one of 3 x USD 100 vouchers.

These winners will be announced on 27 July across all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels. Giddy up!


    1. What is the standard unit of measurement when measuring a horse?

    2. There are three equestrian Olympic sports. What are they called?

    3. The most popular breed of horse is the?

    4. World famous horse race the Kentucky Derby takes place in Louisville, Kentucky, USA on the first Saturday of May each year. Which year was this race inaugurated?

    5. The original horse was called?

    6. Which horse holds the Guinness World Record for fastest recorded time over two furlongs?

    7. Are equines carnivores, herbivores or omnivores?

    8. Which country has the largest population of horses?

    9. When measuring a horse’s height. You measure from the ground to where?

    10. What is the name of a person who affixes shoes to a horse?

    11. The world record for most runners in a horse race was set in 2013, with a total of 4,249 competitors crossing the finish line. Where did this race take place?

    12. A female foal that has been weaned is called either a weanling or a…?

    13. What is the name for a castrated male horse that is at least 2 years old?

    14. True or False: Donkeys, Horses, Ponies and Zebras all belong in the equine family.

    15. What is the name given to the event where competitors perform gymnastics, either solo, in pairs or as a team, while atop a horse?

    16. How long after birth before a newborn horse can start to walk: hours, days, or weeks?

    17. What was the largest sum of money paid for a draft horse in USD: $49,990, $81,550, $112,500, or $168,900?

    18. Approximately how many months long is the normal gestation period for a pregnant horse?

    19. Where does the Clydesdale breed of horse originate from?

    20. Which medieval sport involved two mounted riders trying to strike each other with blunted lances?

    21. Appaloosa horses have which distinct feature on their coats?

    22. At which racecourse is the famous British steeplechase the Grand National held?

    23. Which 2011 Steven Spielberg movie featured a horse named Joey?

    24. What is a horses’ father and mother called?

    25. In horse races, distances are often described in furlongs. How many feet to a furlong?

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    1. Love horses but didn’t know much about them. Now I know. Thanks for this wonderful quiz

    2. Great quiz. Enjoyed solving it and gaining some more knowledge on horses. Thanks for compiling interesting quizzes to improve on general knowledge

    3. I love quizzes as they improve your GK. I’m really glad that Karma is taking such an initiative and making the quizzes very interesting.
      Thank you very much Karma.

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