Membership Tips Vol.2

We hope you’re feeling as thrilled as we are regarding the promising news that tourism will start to bounce back soon – and holidays are on the horizon once more! In the meantime, we share with you three advantages of being enrolled against the Karma Concierge External Exchange Program versus maintaining a separate RCI membership.

  1. As a Karma Group member, you have the ability to access RCI affiliated properties without maintaining and paying fees against a separate RCI membership.
  2. As a Karma Group member you do not have to make the decision whether you wish to make use of your entitlement within Karma Group internal Club inventory or against an external exchange as all entitlements banked with Karma Concierge are available for use in Club & external affiliated inventory.
  3. As a Karma Concierge member, the Karma Concierge External Exchange program enables you to book all available inventory without any form of trading power restrictions.

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