Membership Q&A Vol. 1

With every day feeling like a new challenge right now, rest assured our Odyssey team is here to make things easier. Looking ahead, we’ll all be travelling again soon. In the meantime, we’re here to assist in every way. Stay safe, stay strong, stay positive.

Q: What will happen to my entitlement of 2018, if I am unable to use them before the end of 2020?
A: Any entitlement is available for use until two years later. In other words your entitlement of 2018 would generally be available for use until December 2020. However, we at Karma Odyssey understand the current situation we all are in and in view of this, we shall extend the validity for use whenever you wish to.

Q: If due to the current travel restrictions I have to cancel my reservation what will happen to any entitlements/gifts used or monies paid?
A: Any entitlements /gifts used or monies paid will be credited and made available to use against a future reservation without any penalty.

Q: Is our Karma Odyssey servicing office still operational and how can I contact them?
A: Absolutely, our servicing teams are available and you may contact your Karma Odyssey Navigator by email or by telephone as mentioned below:

Karma Odyssey Bali
Email :
Phone: +62 361 762131

Karma Odyssey India
Email :
Phone: +91 7774006996 / +91 9764267482 / +91 9764240708 / +91 7798677417 / +91 8975565010 / +91 7757054223

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