Membership Q&A Vol. 2

We understand that our valued members have many questions relating to their holiday bookings right now. This is why we have created ‘Members Corner’ to help deal with all your enquiries. Feel relaxed and reassured that we are here for you every step of the way. 

Q: How can I save and, or, extend the validity of my entitlements should I not be able to use my entitlements on any given year?
A: If you are not sure that you can make use of your membership entitlement in any given year, simply contact your Karma Odyssey servicing office before the 30th November of the year in question, and request that your entitlement be saved/rolled over, thus giving you an additional two years to use the saved entitlement.

Q: How can I gift my holidays – Entitlement?
A: Should you wish to gift your entitlement to family or friends, all you need to do is contact your Karma Odyssey Servicing office and request for a Guest Certificate. If gifting your entitlement within the Karma Group inventory, there are no guest certificate fees.  

You may also choose to take advantage of our Preferred Member Rates in Club inventory by paying a Guest Certificate Fee.

Q: Can my family use my membership?
A: Yes definitely. As legal owners of the membership, you can add the names of your parents and/or children at no cost, giving them the ability to access internal services directly at Member rates including Hot Deals & Exclusive Offers. To add the names of your family (up to 4), all you need to do is provide a written list of names with corresponding age, relationship, telephone numbers and email addresses to your Karma Odyssey Servicing office and our records will be updated to reflect these details.

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