Membership Q&A Vol. 6 #WeAreInThisTogether

This week we are adding to our regular Q&A series and taking real questions from our members and sharing the most up to date information. From your membership entitlements to the latest about your membership benefits and discounts, feel reassured we are here for you all the way! Please don’t hesitate to contact us – our team are on standby to receive your calls and emails.  #wereinthistogether

Q : How can I use my membership now, during COVID-19?
A :  We are aware that many of our members are unable to travel at the moment but we do have some great offers for domestic travel in each region available – check out our Hot Deals! Alternatively, you can book Bonus Weeks in any of our external properties or prebook your holidays for next year now for some great savings!

Q : Will my entitlements expire because of COVID-19?
A : We have automatically extended and banked any entitlements or vouchers due to expire this year so you will not lose out on any entitlements owed. Should you need more information please contact your Karma Concierge Navigators.

Q :  Will there be any discounts on this year’s Management Charge due to the current situation?
A : As a Group we will be providing a credit note against a portion of this year’s fee to all members who have paid a Management Charge for 2020 and more information will be provided over the coming months.      

Q :  What do I do if I cannot see any availability for my requested travel dates?
A : Not to worry, at the bottom of our booking engine there is a link to submit a request directly to our Karma Concierge Navigators who will be more than happy to assist with booking your holiday.      

Q :  What options do I have to contact Karma Concierge?
A : We have worked hard to make it as easy as possible for members to stay in touch with us. Whether it be through email, via telephone, our live chat at or through our various Facebook channels, rest assured that we are always here to help. 

Q :  How do I stay up to date with Karma Group?
A : Check out the latest Chairman’s video for information and updates on what is happening in the Group. Make sure to let us know about your membership experiences, any feedback or questions you may have in the comments section and our Karma Concierge team will reply directly to you.

Don’t forget to take a look at our Members Corner going forward for great articles on a diverse range of subjects as well as membership and resort updates, special members-only offers and amazing competitions!     

Karma Concierge Bali
Email :
Phone: +62 361 762131

Karma Concierge India
Email :
Phone: +91 832 6725200-09


  1. This was helpful. Could you please give us the email address of the Karma Odyssey Navigators? I would like to get in touch with them.

    1. Dear Mr Darshan , Thank you for your comment . Our Karma Odyssey team will contact you soon to assist you with your query . #StaySafe #StayHealthy #StayPositive

  2. John Spence recently made an announcement about a possible aquisition/addition to the Karma portfolio in Margaret River in Western Australia. Since his sneak preview we have heard nothing and were very keen to take advantage of this when it becomes available. There are quite a few very very nice boutique resorts in the Margaret River area along with magnificent wineries and restaurants. While Rottnest Island is great, but when you have a boat and a mooring already at Rotto, it is not practical to utilise this resort for us and a week down at Margaret River would be great !

  3. Terima kasih untuk informasi dan Pojok Anggotanya. Saya sudah rutin berkoordinasi dengan navigator dari Karma Odyssey.

  4. While I enjoyed the India experience the video needs to be slowed down to enable us to relax, enjoy, and fully appreciate it. It all moved through too fast. India is a great country to visit but it can be hectic and a once in a lifetime experience. For us though once is enough, although maybe a trip to Goa would give another view but we are not beach people that’s for when we were younger. Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan should be on everybody’s bucket list, very difficult to beat. Has to be one of our top 3 destinations in the world. We finished up with a week in Jaipur and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and were well looked after by Karma.

    On another front given the number of members in Australia maybe some more destinations would be welcome, once we can travel again. Too many of the RCI ones are in less interesting and semi-remote locations, are of less than adequate quality (1970’s standard rather than what is expected in the 2020’s), and targeted at people with young children. Yes we do visit them, but it reminds me of an incident in Port Macquarie some years ago, overseas visitors thought they would go to Sydney for a day, they never made it, takes the best part of a day to get there, overseas visitors unfortunately don’t always appreciate the distances in Australia.

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