Membership Q&A Vol. 5

We understand that our valued members have many questions relating to their holiday bookings. This is why we have created ‘Members Corner’ to help deal with all types of enquiries. Feel reassured that we are here for you every step of the way.

Q : Where can I check out information on Karma Group Properties?
A :  Resort & Destination Profiles for each of our Group properties are available online through our Karma Group website www.karmagroup.com

Q : Cannot find anything online that matches my current holiday plans, what options do I have available?
A : Contact your Karma Concierge servicing office with details as to where, when and how many people (adults / children & their ages) are wishing to travel.

Q :  If we have special needs or dietary requirements what are our options?
A : Always provide details when confirming your reservations so as to ensure appropriate accommodation is booked and our Resort Management teams are prepared.      

Karma Concierge Bali
Email : karma.concierge@karmagroup.com
Phone: +62 361 762131

Karma Concierge India
Email : karmaconcierge.india@karmagroup.com
Phone: +91 7774006996 / +91 9764267482 / +91 9764240708 / +91 7798677417 / +91 8975565010 / +91 7757054223

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