Members’ Testimonial – Chris and Jan Boag

We’re thrilled to share this travel blog from Chris and Jan Boag, who’ve been Karma group Members since 2014. They’ve been exploring the world since 2010 and recorded these travels in their  Just some of the amazing adventures include trekking through the Andes, climbing volcanoes in Indonesia, and remote hikes and camping across Australia and New Zealand– as well as stays at all the Karma Group properties around the world In their words: ‘Over the last few years, we have built some fabulous trips around hopping from one Karma Group property to another.’ Pack your bags – Discover Chris’s and Jan’s adventures at Karma Minoan in the Greek islands, Karma Bavaria, and Karma Cay Tre in Vietnam to name a few.

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  1. Oh my – love the photos! In particular the Taj Mahal! Unfortunately I’ve not been lucky enough to have managed such a shot! Maybe next time?

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