Member Testimonial – Nereus & Sandra D’Mello

‘Three cheers to Karma Concierge’

A fantastic story shared by one of our long-time ‘founding members’ who were on holiday at Karma Royal Palms then Karma Royal Haathi Mahal resorts in Goa when the government lockdown occurred and have been there for over 40 days now. In their words : “We are still here and feel like we are on Noah’s Arc – well-protected thanks to the management of Karma Group and all the wonderful staff.”

Read more about Nereus & Sandra D’Mello experience.

Dear Allan,

As we head towards May, we wish to write a few lines on our current stay in Goa since March 2020 at Karma Royal Palms and Karma Royal Haathi Mahal, due to Covid 19 and the lockdowns consequently :

We, Nereus & Sandra D’Mello, are one of the oldest “Founder Members” of Karma Group (erstwhile Royal Goan Beach Club) since 1995. We have been enjoying their resorts in Goa over the years, apart from exchanges in Asia, Australia & New Zealand.

We came to Karma Royal Palms resort, South Goa, in the 2nd week of March for a week, when Covid 19 was only in its infancy in Delhi but wide-spread in Wuhan & Italy only. Little did we realise it would spread like wild-fire. With the government announcing a 1-day “curfew” in March, we had to cancel our return tickets. But in the meanwhile, prior to this, we enjoyed the facilities at Karma Royal Palms. With no incoming guests, it was getting quiet as several guests managed to fly out before the “curfew”. With only a handful of guests from all over the globe left at Karma Royal Palms, management decided to move us all to their main 5-Star resort,  Karma Royal Haathi Mahal. Nevertheless, we had a very comfortable stay earlier, patronising the restaurant on a retro (music) night, indulging in bingo, games and Karaoke, and the entire staff looked after us very well, as always. And this, despite staff being depleted gradually.

By the time we were in Karma Royal Haathi Mahal, the first lockdown was in full force. The staff here welcomed us with a temperature check (to ensure other guests were protected). With no pool facilities, no gym, games and entertainment, it gradually became monotonous. But despite limited staff, we were always looked after very well. We were provided with adequate toiletries, tea & coffee, etc. before house-keeping closed next day. Yet, when called for help in any area, we were attended to in minutes. The best we could do was briskly walk around the pools to keep fit. We were also made to feel at home with indoor games like chess provided to the rooms, and the Library novels allowed. But even with no holiday mood, the lawns around the entire resort and pools were well maintained and kept spic & span. One could barely see a leaf fallen on the grass among trees. The TV kept us informed with news and entertained with movies. (We read online that several other smaller hotels and shacks in Goa closed down and left their guests stranded on the streets, requiring them to complain to their governments). We were even provided masks when we stepped out for fruits and vegetables. We patronised the restaurant via room service, and used the limited stocks in the grocery store to prepare our own. So, adequate food and drink. We developed a rapport with all guests from India, Australia and Europe. We couldn’t help suffering a bit of ennui at times, but the omnipresent staff, albeit limited, ready to help and support, and their greetings, kept us all motivated. 

Then came  the second lockdown for another 19 days till the 3rd of May, making it a total of 40 days. We are still here and we feel we are in Noah’s Arc for 40 days, well protected, thanks to the management of Karma Group and it’s wonderful staff. What is great is that Karma Group has been looking after us at their own expense for accommodation. We also received a complimentary bottle of Spanish red wine with a message “Thank you for trusting us in this difficult time. Stay well”. What better could the stranded guests ask for? So with a special thanks to management, we say “Three cheers to Karma Concierge” for our comfy stay, good care and kind hospitality, as always.  By the 3rd week of April, with only 7 (seven) reportedly affected in all of Goa, 5 (five) recoveries and NO deaths reported in Goa due to Corona Virus, we feel very safe. We hope and pray it all subsides in 40 days, because the number 40 is in keeping with so many biblical situations (like 40 days of abstinence during Lent, 40 days of His fast), and in life, thus 2020 will be a year to remember in history. And the good service rendered by Karma Concierge will be remembered for a long time to come. We are impressed, indeed!! We enclose with this write-up a few pictures of our “holiday” at Karma Royal Palms and Karma Royal Haathi Mahal.

So, dear owners of time-share, don’t hesitate to recommend a holiday in future to your friends, workmates and relatives to holiday at a Karma Group resort, Goa, or for that matter at any of their other resorts world-wide, using your time-share.. Thanks!

Nereus & Sandra D’Mello
At Karma Royal Haathi Mahal, Goa.


  1. Thank you for your message. We were supposed to arrive at Karma Royal Haathi Mahal Goa on the 21st March after travelling around India for 14 days but unfortunately it was cut short and we found ourselves travelling home after 10days. We so loved our time in India and look forward to going back and spending time in Goa and other Karma resorts

  2. I am pleased to read Mr and Mrs D’mello’s comments. It is heartwarming to note that Staff at Haathi Mahal has been looking after them in such a fine way during these difficult times. My own experience of staying several times at Haathi Mahal is very heart warming. Whenever it gets too cold at Delhi I come to Haathi Mahal. For me, it’s home away from home.

    1. Dear Mr. Singh. Thank you for such wonderful and encouraging words. It is indeed our pleasure to have you as members and look forward to welcoming you back to the resorts soon. #StaySafe.

  3. This is fantastic. To know that Karma Odyssey looked after guests through 40 days of lockdown. Amazing. I have always felt Karma went that extra mile to keep us members comfortable, but sure takes the cake. Looking forward to my next holiday (as soon as things near normalcy).

    1. Dear Mr. Chillarige. Thank you for such wonderful and encouraging words. We look forward to assisting with planning your holiday once our resort operations recommence. #StaySafe.

  4. I do understand that Nereus and Sandra, you were the Chosen Ones. Having said that it was true that Karma could not have sent you away.
    Now, what is most important is the fact that Karma still extended their hospitality which changed in no way whatsoever except for the norms of safe distancing due to the widespread Corona Virus.

    My sincere thoughts are for Karma and I plant this feather in their caps, by this I mean each and every one at Karma, from George Lobo to the janitor Umakant, the house keeping staff like Perpetua, Milesh, Leister, Lawrence, Sambeet Shafina, Chef Jha, Francisco and of course Judas and many many more.
    I appreciate the processes this wonderful follow and hence id like to take names , if I remember to let you know time and again that WE REMEMBER you all.

    Great Nereus and Sandra while you continue to enjoy the stay and hospitality you are reminded that you are in safe hands.
    God will continue to Bless us all.

    1. Dear Ephrem. Thank you for such wonderful and encouraging feedback about the Group and the staff. It is indeed very heartening to know that we are being remembered by you during this difficult time. It has always been our pleasure to have you as members and look forward to welcoming you back to the resorts soon. #StaySafe

  5. The olive leave with white dove will come soon.
    Kudos to all the staff and management of Karma group. We trust you!!!
    We look forward to a holiday with you’ll soon..

  6. “अतिथि देवो भव” , धन्यवाद कर्मा ग्रुप

  7. Wow, It was great to hear from D’Mellos I feel I am proud of been a Member of Such a Esteemed Resorts chain. Also totally satisfied Member, So I upgraded & also approached my friends to take Membership, Thanks to Rupal N of Management Team She is always there to solve any any Issue that corps up. i have enjoyed all Resorts in Goa around 16-18 times with family & friends. Also would like to Thank Ms.Alison from Monterio, always there to find a Solution for any small Issue of Members.
    V R desperate to reach Goa for a Vacation as early as possible after Lockdown is over & flights resume from Mumbai.
    Thanks All
    All Staff Take Care. B Safe

  8. Wow, a nice testimonial indeed. So the 1st thing I did after reading Nereus & Sandra D’Mello was to share it with my family & friends.
    Karma is ofcourse a class apart and Karma gives more than what one can imagine to expect. All thanks to the wonderful staff.
    Keep it up Karma!!!

    A member since 1994

  9. Very happy to hear the experienced shares by Mr. & Mrs. Demello and the comments.
    I congratulates the Management and all the staff members of Karma.
    ” A Friend in Need a Friend Indeed” is true in their case.
    Recently I took the membership at Hathi Mahal only. I cancelled my First booking at kerala Karma Chakre due to Covid-19
    Feeling happy For the Membership decision.

    1. Dear Mr. Gore. Congratulations on your recent purchase. It has always been our pleasure to provide our members with wonderful holiday memories and be rest assured, you will find every support with your membership. We are very sorry to hear you had to cancel your holiday – However, we look forward to assisting with planning your next holidays once our resort operations recommence. Cheers #StaySafe

  10. You got lucky is what I’d say. Haathi Mahal has been our choice in Goa for 6 summers in the past ,the staff and the place feel like home . Enjoy your stay . Stay safe and blessed . Cheers !

  11. Karma, the name itself is self explained. The karma of Nereus & Sandra D’Mello has safely landed them into the KARMA GROUP before and during lockdown. Undoubtedly, the service section of KARMA is unmatchable. I still remember the ever smiling and ready to help courteous staff of Royal Palms, here we were on promotion holiday and became member thereafter. You are one of the few very lucky couple enjoying the hospitality of karma as compared to other tourist suffering, as mentioned. Nevertheless you are Home away from Home. Be Safe, and wishing all the KARMAites to get past this Pandemic and wishing all the KARMA family to be safe and cautious.

  12. Goa is our favourite holiday destination in India and since we joined the Karma Family it has only got much better. Feeling a bit Jealous of the D’mello’s, of course understanding the seriousness of the lockdown too. Having an extended holiday in Goa that too on a Karma property with the Karma family taking care, wellll. We were going to spend around 12 days at Hathi Mahal and Royal Benalium a welcome break from the hectic and stressful like of Mumbai. Have not cancelled our travel bookings hoping for things to get better, of course cannot pray for miracles because the pandemic is going to take its course and we cannot get back to normal lifestyle immediately after the lockdown is called off but got to take it sensibly from there.
    Praying for all the Karma Family/Staff all over the world, Guest and Staff at Hathi Mahal and the global community on the whole to Stay In Stay Safe Stay Healthy.

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