Lalit Baveja

Member Testimonial – Mr. Lalit Baveja

‘Karma Kandara Resort was truly a dream destination for our family holiday.’

Another glowing testimonial – this time from Mr. Lalit Baveja, who shares his story about his recent stay at Karma Kandara resort in Bali.

‘Karma Kandara Resort Bali was truly a dream destination for our recent family holiday! While descending to Karma’s private beach in a pulley car, our eyes were wide with amazement..the deep blue ocean with water so clear that we could see the corals , the beach ambiance with exotic restaurant and spa, and the lovely music drifting through the air left us mesmerized. Bali has so much to offer from beaches to ancient temples to rice terraces to markets filled with local handicrafts, there was so much to explore. When the holiday was over, our bags packed with souvenirs and our hearts filled with lovely memories, we promised ourselves that we will soon be back for more.’

Thank you Karma for a wonderful experience!

Mr. Lalit Baveja

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  1. You are absolutely correct. Every family says the same and we also day the same thing. We have been to Karma Kandara twice. Amazing and wonderful family resort.

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