Member Testimonial : ‘A home away from home’

‘Coming to Karma Group Goa is like coming home

Meet Madan and Nirmala Chawla who have been members for over seventeen years now and have stayed at several resorts and regard Karma Royal Palms, Goa as their second home.’

Dear Jessica:  

We have been members of the Karma Group for over 17 years.  We have stayed at multiple Karma Group resorts in Goa. Our love affair with them began from the first visit, and has gained strength with each annual visit. Each year we meet quite a few members who have become friends.  All of them do not want to go to any other place for their vacation due to their full satisfaction here….their second home. 

Our fondest memory of Karma Group holidays is of all the friendly, ever smiling  staff, who have made each visit special. The staff at resorts from the management, to housekeeping has always tried to make us comfortable, in a home away from home. Our housekeeping needs are fulfilled, including extra dishes, or an extra end table. The General Manager, Matilda Johnson, and Neha Sharma before her, and other managers are all foot soldiers, personally contacting each guest almost daily  (even in large, fully occupied resorts).  The upkeep of the Resort amenities, and rooms is excellent, as are the celebrations of festivals, and the daily activities. . 

We have had a few medical emergencies. Once we had to return abroad at a few hours’ notice, with a broken right arm. The staff came and personally packed for us. The management sent someone to the airport to pick up our tickets as we could not book them online within 3 hours of the flight. A couple of times we had to return within 1-2 hours because of deaths in the family. The staff again rose to super-excellent levels. In our last visit we noticed how Matilda the GM always looked for opportunities to interact with the guests.

Coming to Karma Group Goa is like coming home. 

Nirmal and Madan Chawla


  1. Excellent testimony and everything is amazing. We have had also many such beautiful experience and sweet memories. Karma Resorts are the best in the world.

  2. Yes me and my wife have been to every resort owned by the company including Karma sitabani which opened in septembr 2019. The only resort which we have not been for a long long time is Royal palms after refurbishing. We were planning to go begining monsoon since we are not restricted and have more or less completed our duties towards Family. God has been kind.We have always enjoyed the hospitality and the interaction with the staff at every place.looking forward to when the things ease out a little and would love to go to Hathi mahal from where we began. Best wishes to you all. Nina and Bill Arora from baroda Gujarat India

  3. Thankyou Mr and Mrs Arora . Your continued patronage and feedback are a vital part of our growth. And for that, we are most grateful. It would be really nice if you could share your favourite #KarmaMoments with us on our social media profiles and keep in touch.Hope to see you soon. Cheers!.#KarmaCommunity

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