Maths: The Music of Reason

This week’s quiz is for the maths masters amongst us – or at least those with a grasp of arithmetic, geometry and numbers, not to mention their importance through human history… so if you know your primes from your pi, read on – as always three lucky winners will receive US$100 vouchers – to be announced on Karma Group and Karma Concierge channels on 28 March.


    1. 3.8 × 0.6 =

    2. What is the name of the first civilisation to have developed a counting system?

    3. What is .54 as a fraction?

    4. Who is considered the "father of mathematics"?

    5. -6 __ -7

    6. In written form, all odd numbers end in the letter “e”

    7. Who invented coordinate geometry?

    8. 38 × 97

    9. Which famous celebrity has a degree in maths?

    10. What is the name of this shape?

    11. What are the first 10 digits of Pi?

    12. What's the top number of a fraction called?

    13. What's 16/68 in its simplest form?

    14. There Is Only One Even Prime Number.

    15. A shopkeeper sells birthday cards for £2.99. If the cards cost the shopkeeper 35 pence, how much profit does he make on each card?

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    1. Good Quiz. Enjoyed solving. Please once again check the options for the multiple choice for question 3.

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