Make the most of your Membership!

If you’re looking to step outside the Karma-verse and explore further waters, we thought we’d remind you of all the enticing options you currently have available within your Membership…

Whether it’s a road trip along the stunning coastline of New Zealand, or embracing the culture and traditions of Fiji, you’re sure to find a getaway that ticks all the boxes!

Affiliate Exchange

Affiliate Rentals is a live online booking engine, offering Preferred Member Rates at affiliated properties in destinations around the world! There are thousands of resorts to choose from, not only throughout Australasia but also in the US, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe and more.


Flash Sales

Looking to save your entitlements? We have some exciting options available through our Flash Sales and Rentals that are well worth checking out! Just submit your request form and we’ll do the rest!


Bonus Weeks

Bonus Weeks are a great way to book your dream holiday at a fraction of the price available to the public. You can instantly check in real time what’s available from our global portfolio – if something catches your eye, simply confirm your booking – it’s as simple as that!


Karma Nomad

Channel your inner explorer and remind yourself of the magic that sits right on your doorstep with Karma Nomad! Our special discounted Preferred Member Rates for pick-up and drop-off throughout Australia and New Zealand guarantee you are getting the best deal.

We’ve even put together everything you need to get started planning your motorhome trip – from destination guides, itineraries, recipes and travel tips!


*Disclaimer: As Karma Group offers an extensive range of Membership tiers, please contact your Karma Concierge if you are unsure of which options are available to you.

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