Let’s stay connected!

At Karma Group, we always look forward to opportunities to enhance your travel experiences and ensure you stay connected with us…

To serve you better and keep you up-to-date with the latest travel offerings, competitions, and exclusive member benefits, we kindly request that you take a moment to update your contact details in our Member Lounge.

Updating your contact details is quick and simple. Just follow these easy steps:
  1. Visit our website at www.karmagroup.com
  2. Log in to your member account using your existing credentials on the top right corner of the website.
  3. Navigate to ‘Update Contact Details on the middle left of the page.
  4. Update your contact details, including your email address, phone number, and postal address.
  5. Click ‘submit updates’ to save the information.
  6. Then head to the Birthday & Anniversary form here to tell us about your upcoming celebrations.

Don’t worry if you have any difficulties, our Karma Concierge team are just an email or phone call away to answer any questions you have and give a helping hand!

By keeping your contact details up to date, you allow us to stay in touch and provide you with personalised preferences – Plus, you’ll be the first to know about new travel destinations, exclusive discounts, and exciting member-only experiences.

Together, let’s embark on unforgettable journeys and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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