Land of the Ascending Dragon

With its storied history, vibrant cuisine and rich centuries-old culture, Vietnam is one of our favourite destinations in Southeast Asia. And to celebrate the re-opening of Karma Cay Tre, we’re giving away a four night stay at our beloved Hoi An resort to three lucky winners… Simply answer all 15 questions correctly and you’ll be in with a chance to win! Winners to be announced on Karma Group and Karma Concierge Channels on 16 January


    1. What is the capital of Vietnam?

    2. The iconic Ha Long Bay is known for its:

    3. Phở is a popular Vietnamese noodle soup often served with what?

    4. When visiting Hoi An, what would you be most likely to see?

    5. Tet, the Vietnamese New Year, is celebrated according to which calendar?

    6. The vibrant city of Ho Chi Minh City was formerly known as what?

    7. Vietnamese coffee is often served with what?

    8. What does "Xin chào" mean?

    9. Banh mi, a popular Vietnamese sandwich, often features which ingredient?

    10. Water puppetry is a traditional Vietnamese art form with origins dating back to the:

    11. Cao Dai, a unique Vietnamese religion, blends elements of various faiths. What symbol is central to their belief system?

    12. Vietnam boasts diverse landscapes, from rice paddies to mountains. Which peak is the highest point in the country?

    13. Chùa Một Cột, or the One-Pillar Pagoda, is an iconic temple in Hanoi. What legend is associated with its construction?

    14. Which ancient city is known for its intricate UNESCO World Heritage Cham temples?

    15. Which symbol is shown on the Vietnamese flag?

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    1. I have stayed and experienced karma sitabani with family ,it was a wonderful place and awesome atmosphere there .our family wants another great experience from karma

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