Kids Quiz : World Monkey Day

Did you know the name of our kids club being 3 Monkeys? We couldn’t resist but to theme this week’s quiz around World Monkey Day
Two winners will receive USD 100 voucher each and will be announced on December 28th across all of the Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels. Good luck!


    1. Monkeys and apes are basically the same. True or false?

    2. Which of these monkeys is the smallest?

    3. How many different species of monkey are there?

    4. This is a mandrill, the biggest monkey on Earth. What continent do you think it lives on?

    5. Which of these animals is a type of monkey?

    6. What's this monkey called?

    7. What kind of monkey is this?

    8. Which of these is NOT a real species of monkey?

    9. Which of these things do monkeys have, and apes DON'T?

    10. Charles Darwin discovered monkeys. True or false?

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    Sorry, the quiz already end.


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