Karma Anagram Challenge

Use the clues to unscramble the below anagrams and find the Karma related words that could win you one of three USD 100 Karma Credits, to be announced on Karma Group and Karma Concierge Channels on 14 Nov!


    1. Unscramble the letters "AKMRA" to reveal a word related to fate and destiny.

    2. "TAEUCHA" is part of a Karma Group property in France.

    3. If you unscramble "ANEDIOSIN" you'll see the largest archipelago in the world.

    4. Unscramble the letters "CETAREX EEPRUCNEIDS" to reveal the name of an exciting benefit of being a Karma Group Member!

    5. When you reorganise these letters, you'll reveal the name of a Karma Group property in India "AMALIT HAHAH"

    6. Unscramble the letters "ARIVABA" to reveal a region in Germany that is home to many castles and picturesque villages.

    7. Can you arrange these letters to find the name of the apartments at Karma Kandara? "DESRY CLORENESIA"

    8. Unscramble the letters "NYATUCS" to reveal a region in Italy that is known for its rolling hills, vineyards, and Renaissance towns.

    9. Your Digital Dose of Karma! "ATRAY MUNCIKOMM"

    10. Can you reveal this Scottish location? "HENK LE FITMEATO"

    11. Unscramble the letters "RUNE LICISE" to reveal a type of travel experience that offers Members the opportunity to explore an ancient waterway.

    12. Unscramble the letters "PG REVERELER" to find the name of a Karma Group property known for its charming village setting and proximity to many vineyards.

    13. ""MARKO AE SHOFU"" is a revolutionary new members' collective for the world of luxury travel and experiences.

    14. What is the name of a city in India that is known for its palaces and forts? "IPRUAJ"

    15. Head to Karma "ZE LRARHAI" on a Spanish sojourn!

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    1. This was a fun challenge but a bit difficult. I made us really think about all the different Karma Resorts.

    2. It was such a therapeutic challenge! Loved doing it as it invoked all my neurons to work hard and I am SO GLAD I DID IT!

    3. The quiz was really interesting and knowledgeable. We get interesting places of Karma’s beautiful properties.

    4. It was a mind tickling good quiz. I think I have them all correct. Brought good memories of some of the finest resorts we have been to.

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