June Delights & Riri Spotlight

In this week’s Members’ Corner, we’re delighted to introduce you to Riri, a shining star from our Karma Concierge team in Bali – Get to know Riri and learn about her dedicated expertise. Up next, we are excited to unveil June’s Hot Deals across the Karmaverse, whether you’re dreaming of a serene beach getaway or an adventurous mountain retreat, our Member-exclusive offers promise unforgettable experiences.

Staff Spotlight Bali

In this week’s edition of Staff Spotlight, we’re back on the Island of the Gods to meet our friendly Karma Concierge Bali team member – Riri!

You’ll probably recognise Riri Siboro from your Concierge emails and calls, when she’s making sure you have an unforgettable and seamless getaway. Riri brings plenty of positive energy and laughter to Bali HQ, let’s get to know her a little more:

Hi Riri, where are you from originally and why did life bring you to Bali?

I am Bataknese from Pematang Siantar, North Sumatra (one of the Indonesian islands closest to Malaysia and Singapore!). I came to Bali to have new experiences and explore new opportunities outside my hometown. 

What inspired you to work at Karma Group in the Concierge department?

I have always been passionate about helping people have extraordinary experiences, and working at Karma Group in the Concierge department lets me do that. I am inspired by the opportunity to introduce Members to interesting cultures, delicious foods, and the beautiful landscapes where Karma resorts are. 

What do you like to do on the Island of Gods in your free time?

Go to the beach for a walk, crocheting and baking – I’m always bringing in tasty samples to the Concierge office for the team to try!

Tell us about your hometown in Sumatra, what are the best-hidden gems? Is it known for anything in particular? 

Pematang Siantar is the gateway to beautiful Lake Toba. We have Avalokitsvara Monastery which has the highest statue of Kwan Im (East Asian Goddess of compassion, mercy and kindness).  And we have the iconic motorised ‘rickshaws’, kind of like tuk-tuks in Thailand.

Do you have top tips for exploring a new country? 
  1. Always stay safe
  2. Explore new tastes
  3. Learn about the country’s history and culture
  4. Make sure to see the beautiful landscapes
Everyone loves to dive into a good book during a vacation, have you read anything interesting lately or have any favourite books to recommend? 

I like to read light novels and my last novel was Marley and Me, about the family and their dog. I like books where you can see them come to life in the movie afterwards. 

Are there any Indonesian dishes that our Members need to try? 

If you like spicy food you must try Beef Rendang, a dry curry stewed from spices and coconut, and Ayam Betutu, chicken steamed in a curry sauce with sambal matah (chopped onions and chillies). Sweet lovers could try Martabak – like a pancake or crumpet with a savoury or sweet filling.

Wanderlust Deals

May was an incredible month for Karma Group, with the announcement of not one, but two, new acquisitions – our luxury Maldives boat, Karma Fushi, and enchanting Siem Reap property Karma Bayon…

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  1. Riri has been supportive in my past reservations and her recommendation on Chicken ayam and beef redang are worth trying. Her enthusiasm in her work is an inspiration to want to explore more with Karma.

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