Juicy Quiz : It’s Mango Season!

Cool off with this week’s quiz themed around ‘National Mango Day that falls on July 22nd. Regarded as a summer fruit, mangoes grow year-round so in a way every day is mango day! Check out the two nutritious mango recipes featured under Food & Wine. Three lucky winners will win a USD 100 voucher.

Winners will be announced on 03 Aug across all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels.


    1. The scientific name for mango. Mangifera ______? It ends with the name of the country where it originated. What?

    2. Mango is abundant in which of these vitamins?

    3. Mangoes cannot be mascerated. True or false?

    4. The hotter it is, the sweeter it is. Do they say so about mangoes? Is it true?

    5. Which of these is not a distant relative of the mango?

    6. The largest exporter of mango is_____________?

    7. What is the sweet sour pungent relish made of mangoes and spices called?

    8. Which part of the mango tree is toxic to animals?

    9. The fruit of the mango is called___________? (Of course, mango trees produce mangoes! But there IS a term for the fruit.)


    11. MANGO TREES GROW TO _______ M.


    13. Mango contains a unique xanthonoid called _____________

    14. The flavor of mango fruits is constituted by several volatile organic chemicals mainly belonging to terpene, furanone, lactone, and ______classes

    15. Mangoes, because of their fiber and water content, help to prevent constipation and promote regularity and a healthy digestive tract.

    16. Mango is rich in _________

    17. Mango prevent cancer

    18. Mango controls blood pressure

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    1. Though, I eat and love mangoes, as a fruit, the most…but sadly I know nothing about its different virtues !!

    2. The quiz was as sweet and juicy as the mango fruit which is our family’s all time favourite fruit.

    3. I am a super duper mango lover
      Being an Indian, have grown up with memories of Mangoes in Summer breaks. But never knew so many facts about Mangoes.
      It was fun solving the quiz.

    4. My first attempt to quiz after becoming in member yesterday, I m glad to solve the quiz with a good learning that I can share with my daughter who loves Mangoes a lot

      1. Hi Pradeep! It’s great to hear that you and your daughter enjoyed this activity together. We hope for your continued participation. Welcome to the Karma Group family!

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