Introducing Fendi

In the latest Staff Spotlight, we take you on a serene journey to the enchanting island of Bali, where tranquillity meets luxury at Karma Kandara… Here we meet the wonderful Arizal Efendi who is one of the talented Spa Therapists!

Hi Fendi! Let’s start with the basics. How long have you been with Karma Kandara, and what drew you to the world of spa therapy?

Hello, I joined Karma Kandara in June 2022, so it’s now been one year and three months. My passion for spas dates back to 2007. I enjoy helping people who come to the spa feeling tired, worn out, or even stressed, and witnessing their transformation after a treatment when they leave feeling happy. Spas are places of relaxation, where people find happiness, and I take pleasure in contributing to that happiness.

We know you’re a Spa Therapist, but if you could have any other job in the world for a day, what would it be?

Currently, besides working, I am studying at UT (Open University) Denpasar, majoring in English with a focus on English literature. My dream is to teach elementary and kindergarten children. When I come home from work, I teach English to children at a mosque in the Umalas area because English is an international language, and I want to help them become proficient in the language. Especially when I’m at home, about 15 children come to learn English, and we focus on sharing English homework. The point is, I find great satisfaction in contributing to others.

Bali is known for its serene beauty – What’s your favourite spot on the island to relax when you’re not at work?

I enjoy going to the beach. Sometimes I visit the beach in the Seminyak area near my home, like La Plancha, or if I’m seeking a quieter atmosphere, I head to the beach in the Pererenan area.

In the world of spa treatments, there are so many options. What’s your personal favourite treatment to receive, and why?

I appreciate all spa treatments, but if I had to choose, I’d prefer a massage or body treatment. Through these treatments, I’ve gained a deep understanding of human body anatomy. People come to the spa for relaxation and massages, facials, body masks, and body scrubs all contribute to this relaxation. However, my personal favourite is massage.

Bali is famous for its traditional massages. Can you tell us what makes the Karma Kandara spa experience special and unique?

Most massages follow a similar process from start to finish. However, what sets Karma Kandara apart is our practice of offering a warm towel after the massage or back treatment, followed by shiatsu on the back. This additional touch enhances the sense of relaxation, and the warm towel adds to the overall comfort.

Indonesia is a foodie’s paradise! What’s your go-to local dish recommendation for visitors to Karma Kandara?

One question that I frequently get asked is “What is Babi Guling?” It’s a traditional Balinese food, and I highly recommend trying the Babi Guling from Pak Malen. Whenever I recommend it to guests, they tend to be very satisfied with my suggestion.

We’ve heard you’re a bit of a magician when it comes to relaxation – Can you share any secret spa unwinding for our Karma Group Members to try at home?

I recommend that guests soak their feet in hot water with three tablespoons of salt before bedtime. Prior to dipping their feet into the water bath, they can use the steam to relax their hands by placing their hands above the water basin and allowing the steam to envelop them. Once the water has reached a comfortable warmth, they can immerse their feet. Additionally, upon waking up, elevating their legs or resting them against a wall can enhance blood circulation and balance. To create a spa-like experience for their eyes, they can place cucumber, carrot, and potato slices to reduce dark circles.

If you could choose any famous person to visit you at Karma Kandara, who would it be and why?

I’m a big fan of Roger Danuarta, a well-known soap opera actor in Indonesia. Interestingly, he enjoys visiting Karma Spa for treatments, and I had the privilege of meeting my idol for the first time at Karma Spa.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I enjoy relaxing and pampering myself, going to the beach for a swim, and spending leisurely moments without any disruptions.


  1. Very enjoyable read Fendi. Thank you for sharing especially the feet soaking and elevating legs in the morning.

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