International Jazz Day : Win USD 100 Vouchers

Who doesn’t love a little bit of soothing soulful sultry jazz? This week’s quiz celebrates International Jazz Day on April 30th where, all around the world, people will be grooving to this genre of music that is full of energy and spirit. Test your knowledge about the rhythm of jazz and you could win one of three USD 100 vouchers. 

The winners will be announced on 11 May across all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels.


    1. What city is considered the birthplace of jazz?

    2. Who coined the term "jazz"?

    3. What was the first jazz record that was commercially released?

    4. Jazz is characterized by ______.

    5. Who is sometimes referred to as the Queen of Jazz?

    6. What instrument did Miles Davis play?

    7. According to scientists, what part of the brain do jazz musicians turn on when they improvise?

    8. What jazz soloist was known as "Yardbird"?

    9. Which pianist was dismissed by jazz critic Philip Larkin as "the elephant on the keyboard"?

    10. Which jazz trumpeter had to develop a new embouchure late in his career because of a mouth injury?

    11. When was the Jazz Age?

    12. What nightclub did Thelonious Monk first perform at?

    13. Jazz developed from roots in _____.

    14. What dance craze was inspired by jazz pianist Spencer Williams?

    15. What was jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong's nickname?

    16. Which jazz musician was known for playing a bent trumpet?

    17. Which Miles Davis song contains 19 edits?

    18. What kind of flower did Billie Holiday wear onstage?

    19. What instrument did John Coltrane experiment with toward the end of his career?

    20. What was the first jazz composition to win the Pulitzer Prize for Music?

    21. What form of jazz did clarinetist Benny Goodman help popularize in the 1930s?

    22. Who sings with Ella Fitzgerald on her recording of "Cheek to Cheek"?

    23. Duke Ellington became famous through his orchestra's appearances at which Harlem club?

    24. What was the first published jazz composition?

    25. "So What" is the first track of which Miles Davis album?

    26. What kind of singing did Louis Armstrong popularize?

    27. Which flubbed recording won Ella Fitzgerald a Grammy Award?

    28. Which Billie Holiday song was named "song of the century" by TIME Magazine?

    29. How many songs did Duke Ellington write?

    30. Who was the first violinist to play jazz?

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