In Vino Veritas!

25 May is National Wine Day where we celebrate arguably the most famous fermented drink on the planet. Produced all over the world and famed for its infinite complexity of flavours, it’s among our favourite tipples here at Karma Group (as most of you will know by now!) 

You could land yourself one of three Karma Wine Hampers, featuring some of our favourite Karma bottles – winners to be announced on Karma Group and Karma Concierge channels on 06 June.


    1. All of these are key red grapes used in the Bordeaux region, except:

    2. Which answer best comprises the features of Cabernet Sauvignon wines?

    3. Chardonnay is the 2nd most widely planted white wine grape variety in the world. What is the first?

    4. As a classically French trained chef might tell you, Bordeaux wine can be an ingredient in which of these French sauces, often served with meat?

    5. Are celebrated wine estates Cheval Blanc and Pétrus located on Bordeaux’s Left Bank or Right Bank?

    6. The 'Girondins' is the shortened name for which French football team?

    7. This country won the World Cup in 1978 and made its name on the international wine scene by reviving a French grape variety (Malbec) that had fallen out of favour in its home country.

    8. Cristiano Ronaldo is from this island, famed for its fortified wines...

    9. One of the Socceroos' national sports grounds, based in Newcastle, north of Sydney has been named after which famous wine region?

    10. Which two-time World Cup winners are most known for red wines made from Tannat?

    11. LEO Malbec - a wine made in Mendoza - is a wine associated with which footballing superstar?

    12. Brazilian legend Ronaldo part-owns a winery in which Spanish wine region? Clue: It makes intense wines from Tempranillo..

    13. Which Champagne house with a Royal Warrant has a cuvée named after a renowned British wartime Prime Minister?

    14. This wine is known in Italy as the 'wine of kings, the king of wines' after it became a favourite of the House of Savoy...

    15. What was Queen Elizabeth Il's English sparkling wine called?

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