Illuminating Traditions

In the charming town of Hoi An, Vietnam, a mesmerising spectacle takes place once a month under the dark night sky – The Hoi An Lantern Festival!

Also known as “Hoi An Full Moon Festival,” the event casts a magical spell on locals and tourists alike. This time-honoured tradition showcases the beauty of handmade lanterns illuminating the streets, creating a unique ambience that transports visitors back in time.

The town’s lantern-making tradition was born out of the need to guide local fishermen back to shore during moonlit nights many years ago. Over the centuries, the practice evolved into an annual celebration of gratitude, cultural pride, and spiritual connections – Nowadays, once a month, the streets of the Ancient Town transform into a wonderland of vibrant colours and soft glows.

Decorated lanterns of various shapes and sizes hang from every corner, casting a warm radiance on the town’s narrow streets, ancient buildings, and iconic Japanese Bridge. Visitors are encouraged to participate by purchasing their own lanterns and making wishes before gently releasing them into the river – It is believed that the lanterns carry these wishes downstream, bestowing blessings upon those who set them afloat!

If this sounds like your kind of cup of Vietnamese tea, we’ve got just the Karma Curated Event for you…

Join us at Karma Song Hoai, 28-29 September 2023, as we embrace the magic of Hoi An Lantern Festival – discovering a 400-year history of full moon traditions through captivating customs, authentic cuisine and the enchanting lantern release on the river.

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