Holy Carp! National Go Fishing Day Quiz!

This week we celebrate National Go Fishing Day on June 18th. National Go Fishing Day is your opportunity to take time out to bait your hook, cast your line, and catch a fish or two (or ten). Fishing is a recreational pastime that can be enjoyed by a lake, pond or stream – and if you are lucky, you’ll bring home the catch of the day! 

Enter this fun quiz and you could win one of three USD 100 vouchers. The lucky winners will be announced on 22 June across all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels.


    1. Anglers say “good luck” to one another in which of the following ways?

    2. Which term describes the gear an angler uses to catch fish?

    3. Once you have purchased a rod, you will need to buy a reel to go with it. Which type of reel is the easiest for most beginners to start out with?

    4. There are lures to attract a stray swimmer’s attention. A few of them have a special tail that can spin. These lures have types including ‘safety pin’ or ‘in-line’ styles. What is this dizzying lure?

    5. The rod is made entirely of bamboo and its origins go back to Japan. This style of fishing in English means ‘From Heaven’, what is this gentle form?

    6. What species of fish produces the most eggs

    7. Name the only British Isles freshwater fish that can swim backwards?

    8. What is the healthiest fish?

    9. Which fish has the most taste buds of any animal with 180,000 taste buds on the outside of its body?

    10. Which fish (which can reach speeds up to 68mph) is the fastest fish in the world?

    11. The name of which fish comes from the Old French word for 'spinning top'?

    12. Growing to the size of 60 feet, which fish is the biggest in the world?

    13. Which fish, also called a St Pierre or Peter's Fish, is known for an eye spot on the side of its body?

    14. The most expensive and rare caviar comes from which fish? And which Sea is it found in?

    15. Which fish is known as the 'poor man's lobster'?

    16. Which fish has the least calories?

    17. What is the most dangerous fish in the world?

    18. Which fish has the most fat?

    19. A species of fish that can change its gender is called

    20. What is the strongest fish in the world?

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