History’s Great Inventions

One of the things that separates humans from our fellow species on planet earth is our inventive ability – from striking two chunks of flint together to make fire some time in prehistory to the machines that can fly – all the way through to the  AI technologies that are grabbing headlines today…

We’ve singled out fifteen inventions that transformed the world in our quiz this week – get all fifteen right and you could be one of three lucky winners to receive a USD 100 voucher. Winners to be announced on Karma Group and Karma Concierge channels on 15 August.


    1. Who is credited with inventing the telephone?

    2. What invention is associated with the Wright brothers?

    3. Who invented the first saxophone, patented in 1846?

    4. Which vehicle was invented in around 3000 BCE?

    5. Clarence Birdseye changed the world by developing a process for preserving food for a longer time. What is it called?

    6. In which decade did television become widely available around the world?

    7. What invention allowed for the mechanisation of agriculture and revolutionised farming practices?

    8. Which scientist is credited with the invention of the World Wide Web?

    9. Hieroglyphs are an early form of writing invented in which country?

    10. Who took the world's first photograph?

    11. Which inventor discovered penicillin?

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