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Gin Quiz

In celebration of Keepr’s Gin International Wine & Spirit Competition award, we couldn’t resist infusing our weekly quiz with a hint of gin!  The lucky winner can choose a 7 day holiday at one of our resorts – Karma St. Martin’s, UK, Karma Bavaria, Germany or Karma Borgo di Colleoli, Italy.

The winner will be announced on 24th August on all Karma Group and Karma Odyssey social channels.


    1. The name Gin is a short version of which word?

    2. How much alcohol must a true gin have?

    3. What is the base spirit in gin?

    4. Is gin British or Dutch?

    5. York's famous Evil Eye cocktail and gin bar holds the Guinness World Record for the most number of different gins in one place at one time. What is that number?

    6. Who said these famous words- “The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire.”?

    7. What is the second most popular botanical used in gin after juniper?

    8. The classic Martini is a cocktail made by combining gin with which other ingredient?

    9. 19th-century British soldiers drank G&Ts to avoid what disease?

    10. How long must barrel-aged gin be rested in a cask?

    11. Which berry is used to make sloe gin?

    12. When is world gin day?

    13. Which cocktail blends soda water, sugar syrup, lemon juice, and Old Tom Gin?

    14. Containing more than 40 botanicals, this gin is distilled in the Black Forest in Germany. What is it?

    15. The Gin and Tonic originated in which country?

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    1. A huge congratulations to David Tuff for winning a 7-Night stay in Karma Bavaria or Karma Royal Residences in Bali!
      If you want to check your answers please see below:

      2.At least 37.5% ABV
      6.Winston Churchill
      10.There is no legal limit
      12.June 13
      13.Tom Collins
      14.Monkey 47

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