Feel the Gratitude : Thanksgiving Quiz

This week’s quiz is themed around one of the best annual holidays of the year – Thanksgiving! Enter and you could win a stay for 4 at any Karma Group resort (excludes Karma Estates). 

The winners will be announced on December 7th across all of the Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels.


    1. Thanksgiving occurs on the:

    2. The first Thanksgiving lasted:

    3. Which of the following was NOT served at the Pilgrims Thanksgiving meal?

    4. Which Indian tribe taught the Pilgrims how to cultivate the land and were invited to the Thanksgiving meal?

    5. Approximately how many turkeys are eaten each year on Thanksgiving in the United States?

    6. Which southern state was the first to adopt a Thanksgiving Day in 1855?

    7. What is a snood?

    8. What utensil was not used by the Pilgrims to eat Thanksgiving dinner?

    9. The best place to put the meat thermometer in the turkey is:

    10. Which president is believed to be the first to pardon a turkey and start this annual tradition?

    11. The Pilgrims came to the New world seeking religious freedom and were also called:

    12. Today, our Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November because

    13. What is a baby turkey called?

    14. It has been estimated that how many Americans eat turkey at Thanksgiving.

    15. A full grown turkey has about how many feathers?

    16. How long was the first Thanksgiving celebrated?

    17. In which president’s rule did Thanksgiving grow into an annual holiday?

    18. What part of the turkey is called a wattle?

    19. Which State raises the highest Number of Turkeys?

    20. What Meat was brought to the first Thanksgiving by the native Americans?

    21. Which food was ever-present at the first Thanksgiving but is seldom eaten at Thanksgiving now?

    22. In what decade was the Thanksgiving staple, green bean casserole, first created?

    23. Which culture Birthed the idea of the horn of plenty, cornucopia?

    24. What do Koreans cook during Chuseok, their Thanksgiving?

    25. Which is the only place in Australia that celebrates Thanksgiving?

    26. To whom are drawings given by children in Japan during their labor Thanksgiving?

    27. How many calories, on average, does an average person consume during Thanksgiving dinner?

    28. When was the first-ever Thanksgiving NFL game played?

    29. How many women attended the first Thanksgiving party?

    30. Which president did not agree to the celebration of Thanksgiving as a national holiday?

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    Sorry, the quiz already end.


    1. Satu atau beberapa bidang mengalami kesalahan. Silakan periksa dan coba lagi.
      Karena no 12 tidak bisa diisi atau di enter

    2. Thank you Karma, I was very surprised ! This quiz brought out the feeling of spreading thanks and cheer with one that was super easy. I wish Karma and its affiliates a Happy Thanksgiving Day for those who celebrate it. THANK YOU SO MUCH !

    3. A huge congratulations to Mr Ronald Currie for winning this quiz and a 7-Night stay in any Karma Group Property (Excluding Karma Estates.)
      If you would like to check you answers, please see below:

      1.Fourth Thursday in Novembe
      2.Three days
      3.Cranberries, corn, and mashed potatoes
      5.280 million
      7.The loose skin under a male turkey’s neck.
      9.The thigh
      10.President Harry Truman in 1947
      11.The Puritans because they wanted to purify the teachings and ceremonies of the Church of England.
      12.This was the date set by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939 and approved by Congress in 1941.
      13.A poult
      16.Three days
      17.Abraham Lincon
      18.The bit of red flesh right under the beak
      22.The 1950’s
      23.Greek culture
      24.Rice cakes
      25.Norfolk islands
      26.The president
      30.Thomas Jefferson

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