Don’t Stop The Dance Quiz!

Sometimes the only answer is to get up and shake your tail feathers! After all, who doesn’t feel better after an energetic turn on the dancefloor? April 29 celebrates International Dance Day – and the enjoyment we all get from foxtrotting, popping, locking, waltzing, breaking and generally flinging ourselves around in joyous abandon. And if you’ve got some dance knowhow beyond the dancefloor, you could win a US$100 gift voucher! 

Three winners will be announced on 17 May on Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. The “Ballet” is a dance style formed by the influences of which countries?

    2. What beat & tempo numbers do we count by in dance?

    3. The “Ronggeng” is a traditional dance ensemble originating from which Asian Country?

    4. When dancers perform a movement after another it is called _____?

    5. Which of these films does not include a theme of dance?

    6. What is the dance term when you put emphasis on a specific beat or movement?

    7. What is the term for when dancers perform sequences in reverse?

    8. The Academy Award for “Best Dance Direction” was discontinued after which year?

    9. Which Bollywood film features a dance theme?

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    10. What is the technique called when dancers perform the same moves but with opposite legs/ arms?

    11. Who is regarded as the Hindu Lord of Dance?

    12. What is the term for the change in height while dancing?

    13. International Dance Day is celebrated on the birthday of the creator of modern…

    14. Which dance move is also known as “The Travolta” from Saturday Night Fever?

    15. The Mambo originated from which country?

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      1. Hi Anita! The results are expected to be announced on May 17 on Karma Group and Karma Odyssey social channels. Winners are also contacted personally.

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