Destination Bali Quiz

For those of you who have traveled to Bali we invite you to test your knowledge of the ‘islands of the Gods’. You could be one of the lucky winners of 2 x  USD 150 Amazon Gift Vouchers!

The winner will be announced on 31st August on all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. Indonesia is made up of approximately how many islands?

    2. Under colonial rule, Indonesia (including Bali) was known as the '___________' East Indies. Which major sea-faring and trading nation colonised Bali?

    3. Which Balinese town, located amongst rice paddies and jungle-clad ravines and famous as the island's centre of arts and culture, was featured in the Julia Roberts film "Eat, Pray, Love"?

    4. What does the term Ogoh-ogoh, connected to the culture of Bali, denote?

    5. This active volcano is the highest point on the island of Bali?

    6. What type of musical instruments does the music of Bali called 'gamelan' mostly require?

    7. What is the largest religious group on the island of Bali?

    8. Indonesia won two medals at the 2012 Olympics. In which event?

    9. What is the age of Balinese children when they are able to touch the ground?

    10. How many names are there for Balinese children?

    11. How many days in the Balinese calendar?

    12. How high is Bali’s tallest statue?

    13. Bali New Year is called?

    14. What is the original Balinese trance dance called?

    15. Best Espresso Martini‘s in Bali can be found here?

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    1. Very interesting quiz! Even though we have been there but didn’t know many things. Thanks for enhancing our knowledge. Regards, Bindu and Ved Prakash Saxena

    2. This was easy as had visited Bali twice and had lots of memories to share, always had this man Ke tut as my tour guide both times, very genral and god fearing man.

    3. Excellent Quiz. I didn’t know quite some answers and did some surfing to get them. While surfing found some very interesting facts about Bali. Definitely will go back as its my favorite destination amongst many places I have travelled.

      1. Thank you for such a lovely comment Mr Verma .We are so happy to know that this quiz has helped rediscover Bali and has prompted you to visit to your favourite destination again . #Cheers #KarmaCommunity

      1. Hi Reinhard, thank you for your feedback. We have received your submission and will ensure that this is entered into the prize draw. We are currently checking the error reasons for you. Wishing you the best of luck!

    4. We had been to Bali some years back and it is a wonderful island with so many places to visit and enjoy the real natural beauty. Plans to visit once again
      failed because of the pandemic – Covid 19 – let us hope, every things will go well. I have just opened thy e-mail today 26.08.2020. Thanks a lot. Answer will follow

      Karunakar – a member since may 1995.

      1. Thank you for the comment Mr Karunakar .That was really sad but we are hopeful that you be visiting Bali soon to the beautiful island you just described in such lovely words .

    5. Yes thank you for this! We love Bali and return at least once a year. Sadly not so in 2020! But we will be back again to see our beautiful Balinese friends as soon as this ridiculous virus is beaten. We can’t wait. I really enjoyed thinking about and reading about magical Bali as I did this quizz. 🙂

    6. We had been to Bali some years back and found it is a beautiful place to visit again. Because of Pandemic – Covid – 19 we could not make any
      plans this year. Hope for best in the coming year – God save things become normal once for all.

    7. A huge congratulations to Anupama Sanjay for winning a US$150 Amazon voucher!
      If you want to check your answers please see below:

      2.Dutch / Holland / The Netherlands
      5.Mount Agung
      6.Percussion instruments
      9.3 months
      11.210 days
      12.122 m / 400 ft
      14.Kecak Dance
      15.Karma Beach Bali

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