Cocoa Loco!

Yes cacahuatl lovers, that’s right – it is the day you’ve been waiting for all year: July 7 – World Chocolate Day! FYI cacahuatl is the ancient indigenous Nahuatl word for chocolate originating in Mexico. A fact you won’t need to know to answer the below questions. 

Three choccy brainboxes will win yummy chocolate hampers – to be announced on Karma Group and Karma Concierge channels on 18 July.


    1. Which country is the largest consumer of chocolate per capita?

    2. What is the main ingredient in white chocolate?

    3. Which type of chocolate is known for its bitter taste?

    4. Which famous chocolate company is known for its distinctive triangular-shaped chocolates?

    5. What is the traditional filling of a chocolate truffle?

    6. What is the primary flavour in Mexican chocolate?

    7. Where are most of the world’s cocoa beans grown?

    8. What is the main filling in Reese’s?

    9. Cocoa beans are usually ____ to bring out their flavours.

    10. What is the primary ingredient in milk chocolate?

    11. What is the name of the famous chocolate-hazelnut spread?

    12. Which type of chocolate is known for its pink colour and fruity flavour?

    13. What is the term used for creating shiny-looking, smooth chocolate?

    14. Xocolatl, the Aztec Nahuatl word from which we get the word chocolate, translates to what?

    15. In 1842 the Cadbury company produced the first chocolate bar in which country?

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