Cây Tre Returns + Bavarian Brilliance

From lantern-lit streets to centuries-old architecture, we transport you to Hoi An’s magical bygone era with the newly reopening Karma Cay Tre! Then, 6,000 miles away in Bavaria we’re introducing the wonderful Vanessa Gleffe in this week’s Staff Spotlight – the dedicated F&B Supervisor at Karma Bavaria.

Historical Wonders with Karma Cay Tre

Our Karma Group Members spoke and we listened – Karma Cay Tre returns on 16 January 2024!

If you haven’t heard the wonderful news already, we are delighted to report the return of Karma Cay Tre – your gateway to Vietnam’s cultural heartlands and the magical UNESCO World Heritage town of Hoi An – following a loving refurbishment.

Perched by the Do River, Karma Cay Tre’s surroundings are steeped in history and adorned with well-preserved architecture; this ancient gem of Hoi An offers a glimpse into Vietnam’s rich cultural tapestry. As you plan your start of 2024 getaway to Cay Tre, here are some must-visit spots nearby:

Step Back in Time: The Architecture of Hoi An

As you venture into Hoi An’s Ancient Town, you’ll find yourself surrounded by architectural wonders that tell tales of a bygone era. The well-preserved buildings reflect a fusion of different architectural styles, including Chinese, Japanese, and European influences. Take a stroll down Tran Phu Street to see the charm of centuries-old merchant houses with their distinctive yellow façades, wooden shutters, and intricately carved details.

Assembly Halls: Guardians of Tradition

Hoi An’s Ancient Town boasts several assembly halls that serve as gathering places for various communities. Explore the Fukian Assembly Hall, dedicated to the Goddess Thien Hau, or the Cantonese Assembly Hall, with its vibrant courtyards and intricate statues.

Historical Homes: Tan Ky and Quan Thang Houses

These traditional homes have been lovingly preserved through generations, showcasing the intricate architecture and lifestyle of Hoi An’s affluent residents. Marvel at the antique furniture, unique designs, and hidden courtyards that whisper tales of the past.

Ancient Charm: Bang An Tower

While a little bit further away, located in Duy Xuyen District, Bang An Tower is an ancient Cham tower that offers a glimpse into the Cham culture. The tower stands on a hill, providing panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Staff Spotlight: Meet Vanessa Gleffe

In this week’s staff spotlight, we’re introducing Vanessa Gleffe, our talented F&B Breakfast Supervisor at Karma Bavaria! Having started as an apprentice 8 years ago, Vanessa has been an integral part of the team, bringing warmth and expertise to the heart of Bavaria – Let’s get to know her a little…

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