Brew : International Beer Day Quiz

And now for some uplifting news! Beer lovers will appreciate this week’s quiz themed around ‘International Beer Day’ that falls on Friday August 6th. What a great excuse to gather with friends at the local tavern (or pub), raise your glass to your local bartender, and toast all the creative ales, lagers, craft beers, stouts and pilsners on the market. Three aficionados of beer will take home a UDS 100 voucher.

The winners will be announced on 17 Aug across all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels. Cheers! 


    1. Which Ancient Civilisation Is Said to Have Been the First to Make Beer?

    2. Where Was Pilsner Invented?

    3. According to the 1516 German purity law, beer can only contain three ingredients. What are they?

    4. Hops Add What To The Taste Of Beer?

    5. What Is The Technical Name For ""Brewer's Yeast""?

    6. What Is The Amber Liquid Extracted From Malted Barley?

    7. A Labeorphilist Is A Collector Of?

    8. What Beer Was Called “The Champagne Of Bottled Beers”?

    9. Which country consumes the most beer per capita?

    10. What does IPA stand for?

    11. In the USA, a barrel contains how many gallons of beer?

    12. Trappist beers must be brewed in the grounds of what?

    13. The famous dark stout Guinness originates from Ireland and is now brewed in almost 50 countries. While thoroughly enjoyed in Ireland, one sovereign state consumes more Guinness than the Irish. Which is it?

    14. Where does the beer Mythos come from?

    15. ‘Reassuringly expensive’ was the advertising slogan for which beer?

    16. Which beer brand makes the beer Elvis Juice?

    17. Which is the oldest beer brewery in the world that has been continuously operating?

    18. George Washington was a known lover of beer. In the New York Public Library you can find a recipe he hand wrote describing the process to make which beer?

    19. What is the name of the beer commonly consumed in popular cartoon The Simpsons?

    20. In 1814 there was an incident known as the Great Beer Flood. In which city did this occur?

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    1. On which karma social media channels are the winners announced? I haven’t seen it on FB or Insta. When i won the quiz last month, i was communicated through a phone call and only after multiple follow ups, i got my amazon voucher!

      1. Hi Abhishek! Apologies for any inconvenience that may have been caused to you. We do believe that the issues you faced have been satisfactorily resolved. The winners are announced on the Karma Group and Karma Odyssey accounts on Facebook and also on our Karma Group website.

      1. Hi, this is Seema Rohit Sharma…I haven’t received any mail regarding submission of my quest.How do we know whether it’s submitted or not, had participated on 4th Aug. Thanks

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