Big Fat Spanish Quiz

This week’s quiz is a spectacular tour throughout Sapin that covers history, culture, food and wine! Three lucky Members will win a one-week vacation at Karma La Herriza in 2022!  

The winners will be announced on 31 Aug across all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels. 


    1. Rioja and Ribera del Duero are famous for their red wines. Which is the main red grape used in the production?

    2. What do Sherry & whisky have in common?

    3. What is the name of the principal white grape used in the production of ALL dry Sherry?

    4. The sparkling wine of Spain is called Cava. In which area of Spain is it produced?

    5. Which famous Scottish doctor said, “If penicillin can cure the ill, Sherry can raise the dead”?

    6. A sofrito is the base of any paella. Name 3 of the 5 ingredients commonly used?

    7. Ajo Blanco is a typical Andalucian dish, what is it?

    8. Saffron, commonly used in Spanish cooking, is more valuable than gold by weight. Which flower produces these valuable threads?

    9. What is the difference between chorizo & chorizo Iberico? Bonus point if you can name the food item in the diet of the pig that makes the difference?

    10. If you walk into a Spanish bar and ask for a “cortado”, what are you going to get?

    11. What is The Almadraba?

    12. ​​Which world-famous sauce was invented in Mahon, the capital city of Menorca, in the 18th century?

    13. Many scholars believe which book by the Spanish writer Miguel Cervantes was the first modern novel in the world?

    14. Which popular musical instrument originated in Spain?

    15. The running of the bulls, also known as the encierro, is an annual event taking place in Pamplona to honour which saint?

    16. On the last Wednesday each August, people around the world gather in a small Spanish town named Bunol to throw what at each other?

    17. How many times did the Spain national football team won the FIFA World Cup?

    18. FC Barcelona's football squad plays their home games in the Camp Nou, but do you know the team's official nickname?

    19. The city of Almeria in the southeast of Spain is home to the only desert in Europe. What is its name?

    20. NASA scientists have come to the Riotinto district in Huelva to study its similarities to which planet on the Solar System?

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    1. Your quizzes are very entertaining at the same time educating and helpful in developing GK, whether one wins or nor , its always a win win situation . Keep it up. Cheers

      1. The Karma quizzes are, invariably always, very entertaining at the same time educating and helpful in developing GK, whether one wins or nor , its always a win win situation . I always enjoy indulging myself in taking these quizzes. Keep it up. Cheers

    2. Our memories of Spain got revived. Thanks for this lovely quiz. As always, I always look forward to KARMA QUIZZES. Thanks

    3. Thank you, Karma, for keeping the quizzes going! Enjoy expanding my G.K. Would love to win this prize in your new resort!

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