Big Fat Scottish Quiz

To celebrate Karma Group’s first resort in Scotland, it’s time to put your Scotland knowledge to the test here’s a fun quiz to partake in – 4 lucky folks can win complimentary Karma Experiences at any Karma Group resort ( Excluding Karma Estates ) and 4 runner up winners can win a gift hamper worth $100.

The names of the 8 lucky winners will be announced on 11 January across all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels.



    1. What is the national animal of Scotland?


    2. Which sport was invented in Scotland?


    3. If you are in Scotland on New Year’s eve, who do you kiss at midnight?


    4. Which famous annual festival takes place in August in Edinburgh?


    5. How many years must a Scottish Whisky mature to be considered Whisky?


    6. Haggis is Scotland’s national dish, but do you know what its traditional primary ingredients are?


    7. What is the translation of the title of the song “Auld Lang Syne”?


    8. Which famous British chef was born in Johnstone, Scotland?


    9. How long is the royal mile in Edinburgh?


    10. What was the capital of Scotland before Edinburgh?


    11. What are you not supposed to do on the first day of the New Year in Scotland?


    12. Scotland is home to the world’s tallest, what?


    13. Which soft drink is often described as “Scotland’s other national drink”?


    14. Which of the below is Scotland’s biggest city (by population)?


    15. Scotland is home to one of Europe’s oldest living things. Can you name that thing?

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    1. My wifeand I would love to visit the Karma Lake of Mentieth as its been so long as members not having been able to share in the the members benefits and take part in membership activities because of the Covid Pandemic.
      We would hope that we will be able to travel and share the site and enjoy its full facilities until we can travel abroad once again.

      We Look forward to visiting

      Chris & Keith Williams
      North Wales UK Members

      1. We agree, Keith! The Covid Pandemic has disrupted a lot of plans, especially travel. We are hopeful for a safer and better 2022, and we look forward to welcoming you and Chris to Karma Lake of Mentieth soon! Wishing you both the best this Holiday Season and through the New Year!

    2. The Royal Mile answer is not quite right. Although the Scots mile this refers to is longer than the English Mile, it varied in length. It is now generally agreed as 1984 yards, which is 1.127 English miles

      1. Thank you for your feedback, Alexander. And for taking the time to explain. 🙂 We wish the best of times for you and all your loved ones this Holiday Season and all through 2022.

    3. These quizzes must be only for members only… Tried lots of times but never in winners list…

      Hope it should be neutral this time

      1. Hi Mnaish! We typically receive thousands of entries for these quizzes. The winners are chosen by draw and not singled out by our team. We have our fingers crossed for you. Good luck!

      1. Wow! Thank you for sharing that precious memory with us, Jane! It must have been a picture perfect occasion. We wish you and all your loved ones the best this Christmas Season and through 2022.

    4. I’m Scottish and some of the suggested answers are very subjective. For example, the meaning of Auld Lang Syne. There are several different, and correct, translations but the sentiment is always constant!

    5. I would agree – questions/answers not accurate – royal mile one and auld lang syne on for example – hope I’m not excluded from draw as they are not correct answers – looking forward to getting back to Karma resorts as soon as we all can safely xx

      1. Hi Valerie! We’ve had quite some feedback on the questions / answers – especially the one about the Royal Mile. I’m sure our team will take that into consideration for the draw. Good luck! We hope to see you at one of our Karma Group resorts soon!

    6. Fun quiz, interesting for a Scot but horrifying that you think any respectable Scot would consider whiskey our drink spelt with an “e” is either American bourbon or Irish Whiskey – Whisky is our drink – just check any bottle !!

      1. Hi Mrs Wheeler-Hart, thank you for the feedback – We are having difficulty finding the ‘whiskey’ you spotted, question 5 we have aptly said ‘whisky’ – If you could point us in the right direction we would be more than happy to change, as we agree with you!

      1. We’re glad we could help you reminisce about what was obviously an enjoyable trip to Scotland! What’s on your bucket list for when you can travel next? Any Karma Group resorts that you’ve built into your itinerary?

    7. Very interesting quiz
      Had fun doing it
      Got to learn so much that I’m anxiously looking forward to seeing what I read. Thanks

    8. We are privileged to be Karma members. Hoping to visit a Karma resort soon!! Stayed at Karma Royal Palms once and enjoyed every moment!

      1. Thank you for being part of our Karma family, Ethan! It’s wonderful to hear of your pleasant holiday memories at Karma Royal Palms. We hope to see you soon at another one of our Karma Group resorts.

    9. the question on the length of the Royal mile is 1.1 Scotish mile the ancient measurement of Scotland thus the name the Royal mile

      1. Very interesting, thanks for your feedback John, much appreciated – Our information from an Edinburgh site said ‘the equivalent of about 1.11 modern miles’ but we’ll be sure to triple check next time!

    10. Liked the quiz and the fact some of the answers are open to interpretation … much more fun that way!!! Also enjoyed reading the comments, particularily about the spelling of Scottish Whisky … Hurrah for the connoisseur of malts!!!

      1. Hi Samoht! We’re so pleased to hear that you’ve enjoyed the quiz – including a couple of ambiguous questions. 🙂 And you’re right! This quiz has probably got the most number of engaging comments.

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