BeDay Quiz : It’s Beyonce’s Birthday!

Hold Up! It’s Beyonce’s birthday coming up and we’ve got a weekly quiz to celebrate the one and only Queen B! Two lucky Members will win a 4-night stay at a Karma Group property of their choice (excluding Karma Estates).

The names of these winners will be announced on 14 September across all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels.


    1. What year was Beyonce born?

    2. Where was she first discovered?

    3. What is a common nickname for Beyonce, given by the media?

    4. What was the title of her first album?

    5. What is her full name (post-marriage)?

    6. What is the name of the first group Beyonce was a member of?

    7. When did Beyonce and Jay-Z tie the knot?

    8. When was Sasha Fierce created?

    9. What is her most recently released album?

    10. What is the name of Beyonce's daughter?

    11. What is the name of the activewear line Beyonce started?

    12. Who is Beyonce's sister?

    13. What did Guinness World Records name Beyonce and Jay-Z in 2010?

    14. What is one of the charities Beyonce created?

    15. Who was the manager of Destiny's Child?

    16. During the hiatus of Destiny's Child, Beyonce released what album?

    17. Besides singing and songwriting, what is another performance art Beyonce participates in?

    18. What is one of the golden-globe nominated movies in which she had a role in 2006?

    19. How many grammys did her album, “I Am.....Sasha Fierce” win?

    20. How many grammy's has she won in her career?

    21. Who is one of the three members of Destiny's Child?

    22. What was the name of Destiny's Child's christmas Album?

    23. What was Beyonce's first solo recording away from Destiny's Child?

    24. What is the name of the 2nd album Beyonce released?

    25. In what year did Beyonce take a Hiatus from her musical career?

    26. Beyonce was 7 when she won her first talent show, and received a standing ovation. What song did she sing?

    27. What matching tattoo did Beyonce, Jay-Z and Tina Knowles, get on their ring fingers?

    28. What was the title of her fourth album (released in 2011)?

    29. Where did she first announce her pregnancy?

    30. Who is said to be her biggest musical influence?

    31. Which mental health disorder has she coffessed to having bouts of?

    32. How long did it take Beyonce to confirm that she and Jay-Z had tied the knot?

    33. Where was Beyonce's first live performance of her single, "Formation"?

    34. Her single, "Videophone" was remixed with the addition of what vocalist?

    35. In 2006, Beyoncé told Parade magazine that “I wouldn’t like Sasha if I met her offstage,” claiming what of her alter ego?

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    Sorry, the quiz already end.


    1. It’s interesting to note that my wife Bindu too, is fondly called Queen B ever since she won a National contest and was crowned MAHARANI ( which in English means a QUEEN 🙂 ) for a television commercial.

    2. Good Quiz. Every time it is a different one ranging from places, festivals, celebrities, cultures, etc. thereby enhancing our knowledge, acumen and sharpening our brains. Keep it up!

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