Beach Movie Quiz

This is a fun quiz to test your memory. From the classic to the modern, see if you can recall the names of these famous beach-themed movies from just one image.  We’re giving away 3 x 100 USD Amazon vouchers.

The winners will be announced on Feb 01 across all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels.


    Zanuck/ Brown Company/ Universal Pictures

    1. Can you name this 1975 beachy horror film?

    Paramount Pictures/ Contrafilm/ The Montecito Picture Company/ Vinson Pictures/ Seven Bucks Productions/ Flynn Company/ Cold Spring Pictures/ Paramount Pi

    2. Which 2017 beach hit calls back to a television show from the 1990s?

    Johnny Utah Productions/ Largo Entertainment/ 20th Century Fox

    3. Keanu Reeves stars in which 1991 film about bank-robbing surfers?

    Columbia Pictures

    4. Do you recognize this 1980 classic starring Brooke Shields?

    ImageMovers/ Playtone/ 20th Century Fox/ DreamWorks Pictures

    5. After a plane crash, Tom Hanks starts talking to a volleyball in which film?

    Columbia Pictures/ Happy Madison/ Anonymous Content/ Flower Films/ Sony Pictures Releasing

    6. What is the name of this love story that includes Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore?

    Alcon Entertainment/ Warner Bros. Pictures

    7. This film is about a special needs dolphin. Can you name it?

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    8. What is the name of this film about treasure hunting?

    20th Century Fox

    9. Do you recognize this 2000 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio?

    Touchstone Pictures/ Silver Screen Partners IV/ All Girl Productions/ Buena Vista Pictures

    10. This drama documents a decades-long friendship. Do you know what it's called?

    Touchstone Pictures/ Caravan Pictures/ Northern Lights Entertainment/ Roger Birnbaum Productions/ Buena Vista Pictures

    11. What is the name of this film about a plane crash?

    Weimaraner Republic Pictures/ Ombra Films/ Columbia Pictures

    12. Blake Lively stars in this beach thriller. Can you name it?

    Walt Disney Pictures/ Walt Disney Feature Animation/ Buena Vista Pictures

    13. In which animated film do you see a little girl fall in love with an alien?


    14. Which movie combines horror, teen films and beach parties all in one?

    Imagine Entertainment/ Universal Pictures

    15. Can you name this movie about the Rip Masters surf competition?

    Rysher Entertainment/ MGM/UA Distribution Co.

    16. Can you name this film about a dog and his dolphin?

    Paramount Pictures

    17. Mark Harmon stars in what film about how a teacher spends his summer?

    Mandalay Pictures/ Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/ Columbia Pictures

    18. Paul Walker and Jessica Alba star in this action thriller. Can you name it?

    Tollin/Robbins/ Warner Bros. Pictures

    19. On the shores of Cape Cod, two young lovers spend their summer. What is the name of this film?

    American International Pictures

    20. This 1964 Frankie Avalon film includes Annette Funicello and a specific article of clothing. Can you name it?

    ABC Family

    21. Amanda Bynes stars in this film about a woman meeting her rock star crush. Do you know the name of the movie?

    Apatow Productions/ Universal Pictures

    22. Can you name this movie that was filmed in Hawaii?

    Columbia Pictures/ Happy Madison Productions/ Sony Pictures Releasing

    23. Adam Sandler stars in this film about a man who just keeps lying. Can you name it?

    Touchstone Pictures/ Offspring Entertainment/ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    24. Can you name this beach film about a girl sent to live with her father?

    Storefront Pictures/ 20th Century Fox

    25. Do you recognize this movie about two girls who find a mermaid in their beach club?

    Cinema V

    26. Do you know the name of this film about two young surfers?

    American International

    27. This was a beach movie, a musical and a teen film all rolled into one. Can you name it?

    New Line Cinema

    28. Do you know the name of this film about a man bonding with his son?

    Elpico Cinematografica/ Overseas Filmgroup

    29. In which '80s horror film do we see the ghost of a criminal seek revenge?

    Relativity Media/ QED International/ Rogue Pictures

    30. Hawaiian survival is the premise of this slasher film. Can you name it?

    Paramount Pictures

    31. Do you recognize this comedy with John Candy?

    Rastar/ Triumph Films

    32. Do you recognize this movie about loss and gain?

    Sony Pictures Animation/ Columbia Pictures

    33. What is the name of this film that claims to be a ""major ocean picture""?

    Taylor and Dodge

    34. This 2015 horror film didn't do well with critics. Do you know the name of it?

    Dualstar Entertainment Group/ Tapestry Films/ Warner Home Video

    35. Can you name this beach movie starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen?

    Ad Hominem Enterprises/ Fox Searchlight Pictures

    36. What is the name of this George Clooney film set in Hawaii?

    Rain Forest Productions/ Disney-ABC Domestic Television

    37. This odd film is a cross between ""Grease"" and ""Epic Movie."" Do you think you can name it?

    Focus Features

    38. What is the name of this film that plays out like a deathbed confession?

    Sycamore Pictures/ Odd Lot Entertainment/ Fox Searchlight Pictures

    39. Do you recognize this coming-of-age beach house film?

    Number 9 Films/ BBC Films/ Lionsgate/ Bleecker Street

    40. Do you recognize this 2017 melodrama?

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    1. Liburan yang penuh kesan saat menginap di Karma Kandara Resort dimana ada privat beach yang mempesona

    2. Amazing quiz, got all of them right thankfully Haha looking forward to winning this for my family 😀 thank you for this opportunity. My best wishes to karma group

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