Back to the Nineties

As we celebrate three decades of Karma, we cast an eye back to the heady, idealistic days of the nineties – but how much do you know or remember about the final decade of the 20th century? Answer all 15 questions correctly and you could win one of three USD 100 Karma Credits, to be announced on Karma Group and Karma Concierge Channels on 31 Oct.


    1. Which of these was the highest-grossing film of the 90s?

    2. Which of these was a popular children's toy in the 90s?

    3. What's the name of the group responsible for "Macarena?"

    4. What year was Karma Group founded?

    5. What is the name of the infamous haircut inspired by a character from a must-see TV sitcom?

    6. What video game was the first ever played in space?

    7. Which of these companies was NOT founded in the 90s?

    8. What was the name of the popular 90s children's cartoon about a group of friends who lived in a town called Bikini Bottom?

    9. The movie Clueless was loosely based on which Jane Austen novel?

    10. Which Spice Girls singer wasn't an original member of the group?

    11. Which popular 1990s toy featured small, plastic creatures that lived in balls and could be “caught” by players?

    12. Which song by Nirvana became an anthem for the grunge movement?

    13. Who was the star of the 90s hit movie, Home Alone?

    14. What year was the World Wide Web first introduced?

    15. What is Woody and Buzz Lightyear’s owner called in Toy Story?

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