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You’ll definitely want to enter this week’s competition as the big prize is a 7-night stay at a stunning Karma Royal Residence at Karma Kandara, Bali – the ultimate getaway for friends and family. To celebrate the Karma Group turning 27, this week’s quiz is naturally themed around ‘All things Karma’.  One lucky winner will be announced on December 14th across all of the Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels.


    1. What animal does our Karma Group Chairman loves dressing for Charity?

    2. Which Karma Group Executive Chef won the prestigious James Beard Award?

    3. Which cute herbivore is indigenous to a Karma Group resort?

    4. Genesis Publications, the world’s leading publishers specialising in rock & roll photography books, showcases as which Karma Group resort?

    5. Our Karma Group’s Yoga Luminary is..?

    6. This bizarre mythical creature has been used to trick gullible tourists in the Alps for almost two centuries.

    7. How many wine varieties does the Karma Group produce?

    8. Name 3 renowned International DJs that have played at Karma Beach Bali.

    9. Karma Group Sports Luminaries mainly play which sport?

    10. Name 3 philanthropic outreaches supported by the Karma Group.

    11. Which Mrs. Hefner was hosted at Karma Kandara resort in Bali?

    12. Which Karma Group resort is located at a UNESCO World Heritage site?

    13. Name a Karma Group resort where you can swim with Sea Lions?

    14. Laura Ashley and Jeanne Moreau were the former owners of this glamorous Karma Group resort?

    15. A Royal Bengal is a regular visitor to which Karma Group resort?

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    1. Amazing! It’s been such a wonderful journey with you all these months. A plethora of knowledge and information one gets thru these quizzes! Thanks you so so much, Karma! We love you.

    2. This was a lovely way to learn more about a company that has given its members so much joy and so many happy memories. I hope that the current situation gets sorted out soon and we are all able to travel safely to these beautiful destinations. In the meanwhile, it was very nice to read all about various aspects of the company I was unaware about, like the Karma wines, and start to make plans of all the resorts I want to visit once we are in a more secure situation.

      1. Dear Preeti. Thank you for your heartwarming message and words of appreciation.
        We are all hoping for relief from our current situation and we look forward to welcoming you as soon as you can travel. Please let us know if you would like a Karma Odyssey Navigator to get in touch with you, to assist with making your plans or with any information you need.

    3. Hi, I am trying to submit the quiz but it is not accepting my member number starting with RIHC1. COuld you please help

    4. This was such a fun learning quiz. Solving it helped me and my family explore what an incredible experience karma group provides. We are excited with our fingers crossed hoping to win this. Thank you for this opportunity. Sending karma group healing, happiness, love and success.
      – Pipada Family

    5. A huge congratulations to Mr Bosco Menezes for winning a 7-Night stay in Karma Royal Residences @ Karma Kandara, Bali!
      If you would like to check your answers please see below;

      1.A Penguin
      2.Chef Joe / Joseph Antonishek
      4.Karma Sanctum Soho
      5.Ola Lirka
      7.4 / Bordeaux, Chianti, Rosé, Sparkling
      8.Bert Bevans, Norman Jay, Carl Cox, FatboySlim, Hans Haavenar, Jon Sa trinxa
      10.Christel House India, Bali Life Foundation, Children’s Hope in Action ( CHIA), Bali Children’s Project, Kupu Kupu Foundation, Puspa di Bali
      11.Crystal Hefner
      12.Karma Cay Tre / Vietnam / Hoi An.
      13.Karma St. Martin’s, Karma Rottnest
      14.Le Preverger
      15.Karma Sitabani

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