All the Fun of the Circus

On 17 April the world celebrates all the fun of the circus – clowns on unicycles, contortionists, strongmen (and women), trapeze… how much do you know about all that goes on under the Big Top? Hit the jackpot and you could be one of  three lucky winners who’ll each receive a USD 100 voucher.

Winners to be announced on Karma Group and Karma Concierge channels on 25 April. 


    1. The person who guides the audience through the acts is called a ____

    2. Who is credited with building the first permanent circus building, and also invented the the circus ‘ring’ in 1769?

    3. What is the French word for circus?

    4. Which of the following is NOT a piece of aerial circus apparatus?

    5. In circus parlance, what is a funambulist?

    6. What name is given to the tent-like structure that some travelling circuses still use?

    7. Often seen at the circus, which of these performers would you expect to see perform enterology?

    8. Which is the only continent that International Circus Company, Cirque du Soleil, doesn’t have a show in?

    9. Which civilisation is credited with creating the first circuses?

    10. On 12 November 1859, what was Jules Leotard the first to do, at the Cirque Napoleon in Paris?

    11. If you suffer from a fear of clowns, which of the following fears do you suffer from?

    12. What was the name of the circus exhibition that specialized in the display of biologically rare human beings?

    13. Commonly seen at circuses and carnivals, the act of sword-swallowing is simply an ancient magic illusion.

    14. In the early 1800s, Joseph Grimaldi invented the standard makeup design that most clowns use. What color is the facepaint base in that design?

    15. Which animal is used MOST in Cirque du Soleil productions?

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