​​A ​​Very Superstitious Quiz

Are you one of those folk who won’t walk under a ladder or believe that seeing a black cat cross a road as a bad luck sign? September 13th is ‘National Defy Superstition Day’ –  a day to help one shake off and let go of all those unexplainable beliefs that may have haunted you in the past.

Enter this fun quiz and you could win one of three USD 100 vouchers! Winners will be announced on 28th September across all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels.


    1. If you break a mirror, how long do people believe the bad luck lasts for?

    2. Which shoulder should you throw salt over to ward off evil?

    3. What shouldn’t you do with a ladder?

    4. Where is it considered unlucky to leave your hat?

    5. What shouldn’t you do with an umbrella indoors, according to superstition?

    6. In the Isle of Man, it’s considered very bad luck to say the name of a particular rodent (so locals say ‘longtail’ instead), but which one?

    7. Which plant is it considered good luck to find?

    8. What is, bizarrely, considered good luck?

    9. If you pick up a penny in the street, how long does it supposedly bring you luck for?

    10. For superstitious people, unlucky events tend to come in groups of…?

    11. Which part of a rabbit supposedly brings you luck?

    12. What shouldn’t you let a black cat do, according to superstition?

    13. Which part of your clothing should you touch to ward off bad luck if you see an ambulance (or hearse)?

    14. Which part of a chicken or turkey is considered good luck to pull on?

    15. Which of Shakespeare’s plays is it considered bad luck to say the name of in a theatre?

    16. If a Pregnant woman eats an unshapely food during pregnancy she will give birth to a ugly baby.

    17. If you sing at the dinner table it means you're singing to the devil for your food.

    18. You Shouldn't wear red during strom. it's believed that the color red attracts lightning.

    19. If you enter a room with your left foot will bring you bad luck.

    20. You should tuck Your Thumbs in When Passing a Graveyard to protect your parents.

    21. You should not chew gum at night. it is equivalent of chewing on the flesh of the dead.

    22. If You Let Your Purse Touch the Floor. you will Become Penniless.

    23. If you say happy birthday before the day arrives. It will bring bad luck

    24. You should not place two Mirrors opposite each other. It will open a doorway for the devil.

    25. Whistling Indoors Invites evil. The noise is believed to summon Demons.

    26. You Should not cheers with Water. If you cheers with water you're actually wishing death upon the people you're drinking with

    27. If you have an itch on your right hand it means you'll come into some money.

    28. If you knitting outside your house it can Prolong Winter

    29. If you have your haircut on Tuesday it will cause bad luck

    30. If you jump over a child this will curse them to be short forever.

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    1. Ohhhh…. beliefs in superstitions is common but its up to you to believe or not. Nice quiz enjoyed answering it.

    2. 😉 It was fun. I smiled at the superstitions believed to bring bad/good luck. Good, we don’t fall prey to any.

    3. Superstition is embedded in our everyday living one has to be selective in discerning the myths they provide… enjoyed,thanks Ashley Noronha

      1. Hi Namita! There was a slight delay in posting the results of this quiz. But the names of the prize winners are now up on the Facebook pages of Karma Group India and Karma Odyssey.

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