4 Easy New Year resolutions for 2022

Whether you think them successful or silly,  a New Year’s resolution is one of the most common traditions across the globe. People from young to old, share with their companions what personal changes, good practices, goals and improvements they want to make during the year ahead! 

Resolutions are said to originally derive from promises to gods – such as The Romans making promises to Janus (whom the month January is named after). But later, during our modern eras, most resolutions happen to include losing weight or saving money. 

Here are 4 easy but effective New Year’s resolutions you can do together with us at Karma Group in 2022…

Reduce your plastic consumption

Reducing the amount of plastic you use can drastically help in preventing pollution, climate change, energy waste and so much more. 

It requires very little effort too, with small and simple steps like: using a reusable cloth bag when shopping, carrying your own refillable water bottle, using wooden clothes pegs, or buying foods in bulk so that there are fewer packaged products.

One of the many Karma Group resorts that is working hard to reduce plastic is Karma Kandara, where the team there:

  • Removed one-time use plastic garbage bags
  • Separate the property’s waste to be recycled
  • Replaced plastic straw with edible rice straws
  • Decreased printed material and instead use QR codes

Check off new destinations from your bucket list

After 2 years of lockdowns and border closures, 2022 sparks positivity and the return of the ‘travel bug’. We can only assume that with so long spent indoors, you have plenty of bucket lists at the ready! 

Karma Group’s “must-visit” location for 2022 is definitely Stirling, Scotland – Where our new property Karma Lake of Menteith is nestled. 

Let us give you the little push you need to tick off items from the lists; by making the most of your Membership with us. Even if you can’t leave your own country, our incredible options like Concierge External Exchange program allow you to use your Membership even if Karma hasn’t reached that destination yet.

Read more, scroll less

It’s safe to say that phone addictions and social media scrolling isn’t just a ‘millennial’ problem anymore! 

Spending less time on your phone, laptops and other technologies is said to improve your mental health & sleep pattern and decrease stress levels (to name a few). 

How can you minimise your scroll time? It’s easy! To kick the habit you can – turn on flight mode, turn off notifications, don’t sleep next to your phone, turn on grayscale and of course, read more! 

If you need examples of some good reads, you can check our Ultimate Library book lists that are regularly in our weekly Karma Community.

Donate your time

Especially so now, during the pandemic, organizations and charities are shouting out for donations and help. If you have spare time or extra money to donate, why not reach out to places in your community?

Examples could be food donations, clothes drives, assisting your elderly neighbour, donating blood and so many more!

Our team at Karma Royal Haathi Mahal in Goa wanted to contribute to their local area, as the streets were seeing an overwhelming amount of garbage littered on the ground. In February this year, our Goan team completed a 3km long street clean up from Carmona to Karma Royal Haathi Mahal, collecting 103 bags of waste – weighing over 1.5 tonnes.

We’d love to hear from you

Do you have a New Year’s resolution for 2022? – Whether big or small, tell us in the comments below!


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